A Breastfeeding Christmas


If you are a holiday fanatic, you might be starting to feel the familiar tingle in your bones that lets you know Christmas is on its way. Shops have all the lights and trees up and presents start playing on your mind. It is such a busy period and the months leading up to the end of the year just seem to whirl by.

Between tree decorating, shopping, Christmas fairs, cooking and gift wrapping, you barely find time to do much else. Now, throw a 24/7 breastfeeding job into the mix and you could have pure exhaustion.

Moms who have breastfed before know how consuming breastfeeding can be. While it is a magical experience for both mom and baby, the endless nursing can sometime be really taxing.

So how do you deal with breastfeeding during the festive season?

One way- plan ahead. Planning is such a wonderful tool. If you’re the type of mom who just wings things as they come up, this could be a great time to try and have some sort of game plan in place.

If you are going away for the holiday, whether flying or driving, make sure to pack all the essential to make you comfortable while breastfeeding.

Christmas cooking can be a big deal. It can take a whole day sometimes. Rather plan meals this year that you can cook over two days, giving yourself enough time to take breaks between to breastfeed.


Gift shopping – online is your best friend. Online shopping is such an easy way to get your Christmas shopping done. Get ahead of the crowd (and away from it too) and have all the gifts delivered to your door.

If you are planning to go to the mall to shop, wear comfy shoes and take with anything that makes you comfortable feeding in public. This could be water bottles or a shawl to cover up if you prefer.

Needing to pump can also become difficult during this time. Try your best to stick to your usual pumping schedule. Changing it up can cause an upset in your supply and the last thing you want is to have to deal with are blocked ducts and mastitis on Christmas day. Using a product like the BeauGen breast pump cushion will also help take the edge off by providing extra comfort and support. The small things really help to keep the stress at bay.

You really don’t have to miss out on anything during this period. Just make sure you stick to your schedule and routine, and everything else can fit in around it. And why not take the chance to treat yourself to a super cute breastfeeding top as an early Christmas gift to yourself. You deserve it!

If the stress of the festive season gets to you, remember why you are breastfeeding. While it may be easy to get swept away in the fun and bliss of the Christmas cheer, you will be happy to have stuck it out when January hits. It could do a world of good to let someone else in the family deal with the stress and you sit back, enjoy the holidays and give your little one the golden liquid that they deserve. After all – what better gift could you give them??

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