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A Gushing Mother’s Tale: How Hearing ‘I Love You Mommy’ Makes Life Better

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“I love you Mommy. You’re the best in the whole world! 

I never knew these simple words could have such an impact on me.

I have always been a naturally affectionate person with my husband and my daughter. I always love giving hugs and kisses to show how I much they mean to me. Even though I never expect my daughter to give me anything, it warms my heart with absolute joy and happiness when I hear these words.

As any parent could understand, you could be having a long stressful day filled with work demands and life challenges, but the simple view of a child’s perspective on life really has a great impact on your own outlook. That even a simple hug and “I love you” from them can melt away all the worries you have in life in that moment. I then find myself not being concerned with the insignificant things that can easily stress people out. All of a sudden I do not care about people’s opinions or judgments of myself but am only solely focused on my family. At this moment, I am only concerned with enjoying the limited time I have with daughter at this precious age. We all know kids grow up quickly and before we know it, they will be off to school and wanting to hang out with their friends more than their parents. Until then I want to enjoy every waking and sleeping second I have with my daughter, hugging, holding, and cuddling her. At this moment in time, I am the most important thing to her and I just want to enjoy this.

There is nothing in the world that beats walking through the front door and hearing the quick pitter-patter of feet running down the hall yelling “Mommy!” Then I see a big smile with arms open running towards me to give me the biggest and best hug she can. These little hugs, which seem like such a simple little gesture means the world to me and will be cherished forever. There is nothing I would not do to make sure my daughter still has that happiness and joy in her life.

You should never feel guilty wanting to spend time with your child. Once you have kids, you become solely focused on the important things in life. Everything we do is to hear these words from our family:

“I love you Mommy. You’re the best in the whole world!”

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