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Celebrating World Breastfeeding Week


During this dedicated week of Aug 1-7, 2017 we honor and celebrate the beauty of women breastfeeding their babies. World Breastfeeding Week is about working together with our community, organizations, and local companies with the theme of “sustaining breastfeeding together.” 

During World Breastfeeding Week, we highlight and bring awareness to the many benefits of women breastfeeding in societies around the world. Even cultural differences and language barriers do not change the significance and impact breastfeeding has on society. With improved infant and maternal health, we must encourage women to breastfeed as long as their situation permits. Together, we should help and support mothers whether nursing or pumping because of the multitude of benefits from improved immunization, nutrition, and bonding for mother and child.

In honor of this week, we will offer a special 15% off discount using code CELEBRATE at checkout. Mothers should be able to nurse and pump in comfort and we are excited to help as many pumping moms as possible.

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