How to Avoid that New Mom Slump


Having a baby is so incredibly exciting. You finally get to meet the little life that has been growing inside of you for nine months, and you get rid of all the pregnancy woes! The first few weeks after your baby is born are wonderful. You spend your time nesting at home, bonding every minute of every day in a lull where you have nothing to worry about, just focussing on you and your newborn.

Soon enough though, the lovely haze starts wearing thin and a bit of cabin fever sets in. The comfy days of wearing your pyjamas start turning into the drab feeling where you become a little hard on yourself, you miss the way you used to look and you feel a little down.

It is completely normal, and the new mom slump happens to every mom. You spend so much time focused on your precious new baby that everything else falls to the wayside. When you do need to start going out, you feel like everyone has paid more attention to their looks and you feel a little out of place. Never mind when you have to start pumping – it definitely isn’t a glamorous feeling. You need to pull yourself out of your funk, and enjoy motherhood feeling fab.

Treat yourself – Sometimes treating yourself to new clothes, perfume or makeup can be all you need to boost your confidence. Not only will it give you a chance to buy something other than nappies or baby clothes, but you will be excited to use your new items. A shopping spree should kick you out of your sweatpants and messy bun.

Spend time on yourself – As hard as it might be, you need to dedicate some time to yourself each day. Your partner can handle the baby for 30 minutes. Enjoy a bath-bomb bath, a long shower or even just spend some time relaxing with a face mask. Spending time on yourself is so important, and it does not in any way mean you are being selfish. Your baby needs you to be relaxed and happy!

Make yourself comfortable – You might have to start pumping after a little while. This can be quite tiresome and not at all what you want to spend your time doing. Unfortunately you might not have a choice, but you can make it comfortable while pumping. A pump nipple cushion from BeauGen can really help make your expressing experience so much better. It fits to your breast and protects your nipples from becoming cracked and sore.

Remember who you are – You were someone before becoming a mom. Don’t forget that. You can only be the best mom you can be by being happy with who you are. Do the things you used to do, enjoy the things you used to enjoy. You deserve it.

Falling into the new mom slump is so easy, and pretty much unavoidable. Don’t sit and wallow in it though. Pick yourself up, treat yourself to something new and spend some time relaxing and pampering yourself. You deserve it, and your baby deserves a happy, chilled mom.

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