The Ultimate Guide to Breastfeeding Essentials



It can be difficult to anticipate what you might need when breastfeeding. The market is just flooded with supposed “essentials”, but the truth is that you won’t need half of the breastfeeding items they try to sell you, and the others you might not be able to live without.

Save yourself the money and time you might waste on unnecessary items by following this list of the ultimate breastfeeding essentials:

Nursing Bra

A good nursing bra will be your best friend on your breastfeeding journey. It will not only support your breasts comfortably, but it will allow easy access when nursing and it will help contain any leakages you might have when feeding.

Nipple Cream

In the beginning, you might experience cracked and sore nipples. This can be incredibly painful to nurse through, so a decent nipple cream will help you get your nipples back to normal while soothing the pain and discomfort as well.

Nursing Pads

Many moms battle with an oversupply or leakages of breastmilk. It can become quite overwhelming to deal with, especially when out of the house. Nursing pads will contain any leakages as they happen, stopping the milk from seeping through onto your clothes.

Nursing Cover

Not all moms want to feed out in the open in public. A nursing cover is a great option for nursing in public, it is light and breathable enough to use to cover your baby, but still gives you enough privacy to feel comfortable when breastfeeding.


Let's be honest, breastfeeding can get a little boring. Keep a tablet on hand to catch up on some reading or social media when breastfeeding.

Feeding Pillow

A feeding pillow will help both you and your baby be comfortable during feeding. It will give your baby the necessary support to relax when nursing and will give you some extra help when supporting your baby to feed.

Breast Pump

More often than not, moms will end up pumping for their baby. Breast pumps also help keep up your supply if your baby isn’t feeding often or is on a nursing strike. A great breast pump will be the answer to your milk woes, and should not cause any discomfort or pain when expressing.

BeauGen Pump Cushion

A pump cushion will make expressing so much more comfortable and enjoyable. It gives the nipple and breast extra support and comfort and makes pumping so much easier!

Breastmilk Storage Bags

You will need somewhere to store your breastmilk once it has been pumped. Instead of using storage containers which take up more space in the freezer, use freezer bags that can be laid flat in the freezer to save space. Make sure that the breastmilk storage bags are BPA free.

Burping Cloths

Your baby will need to be burped after each feed in the early days, and other than that babies can be super messy. Keep a burp cloth on hand to clean up their burps, leaked milk or any other spills or messes that may happen.

Be sure to get all the essentials ready before you take off on your breastfeeding journey. These must-haves will make the breastfeeding experience so much more enjoyable for you and your baby!

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