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New and improved clearly comfy breast pump cushions from BeauGen
BeauGen redesigned the breast pump flange inserts to be softer, stickier, and perfectly clear!
Beaugen's Breast Pump Cushions are now clear for a soft, flexible, and customized fit with your flange.
BeauGen Breast Pump Cushions are recyclable, provide better alignment and increased suction, and are food safe.
BeauGen Breast pump cushions are soft and flexible flange inserts that help moms relieve pain. Simply insert the cushion into the flange.
BeauGen's Helpful Flange Size Chart for use with the Clearly Comfy Cushions
BeauGen Clearly Comfy Cushions are Compatible with many breast pump Brands.
BeauGen Clearly Comfy Cushions are compatible with many flange sizes, from 19 to 25mm.
BeauGen Clearly Comfy Cushions are soft and flexible pain relieving flange inserts that come in convenient two packs.

* NEW & IMPROVED * Clearly Comfy Cushions 2.0 - 1 Pair (for a desired flange fit 19-25 mm)

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Softer, stickier, and still perfectly clear.

You asked, we listened! We collected feedback from moms all over the world to make a brand-new cushion that is sure to bring you the best possible pumping experience. BeauGen’s reimagined Clearly Comfy Cushion 2.0 uses new technology to create a seamless cushion that features the clear material from its predecessor while achieving the softer and tackier qualities of the Original Breast Pump Cushion. 

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Product Details:

  • Includes 2 clear breast pump cushions (1 pair)
  • Clearly Comfy Cushions 2.0 are:
    • Slightly softer and tackier to allow for better seal with flange
    • Reimagined seamless design
    • Still clear for easier nipple alignment
    • Cushion works best for moms looking for a desired flange fit between 19-25mmTherefore, our breast pump cushions are compatible with flanges sizes 21-27mm.
      • NOTE: Clearly Comfy 2.0 are not recommended for moms needing a fit of 26 mm or larger.
      • Cushion reduces diameter of flange by 2mm, thus moms may need to size up flange to accommodate (for example, moms currently using 24mm may need to size up to 27mm to accommodate Clearly Comfy Cushions 2.0)
      • Clearly Comfy Cushions 2.0 do not fit into a 19 mm flange. To achieve a 19 mm fit, insert cushion into a 21 mm flange.  
    • Made of FDA-compliant, BPA-free, and food-safe stretchy plastic
    • Made in the USA
    • 100% recyclable *Subject to recycling number 07, KRAIBURG TPE GmbH & Co. KG, 2020.
    • Compatible with most breast pump brands and accessories on the market, including Spectra, Willow, Medela, Elvie, BabyBuddha, Lansinoh, Hygeia, and Evenflo, just to name a few.
    • Collection bottles and flanges not included.
    • Avoid sterilizing your breast pump cushions or using any source of high heat for cleaning. Wash with warm water and gentle soap.
    • Replace every 2-8 weeks, depending on frequency and duration of each pumping session.



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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 34 reviews
    Disappointed in quality

    I have purchased the pumping cushions twice. The first set lasted me nearly 3 months, they provided relief from elastic nipples and the quality was good. They got a small tear in them (from wear and tear) and I ordered a new set to replace them. The second set only lasted a couple of days and they got tears in them on the outer ring that goes into the flange and a few days after that, the cushion material started to separate in the area that goes into the flange tube (unrelated to the small tear) creating spaces where soap and water get caught. I don’t want to buy another pair because I don’t want to risk the same thing happening. It doesn’t seem hygienic to pump into cushions that might have soap or possibly bacteria trapped in the rips and tears. It seems like the quality on the second pair decreased. I cared for both sets the exact same way (washed with warm water and bottle dish soap). I contemplated contacting customer service but I read other reviews about poor quality and the response seems to be the same (they can’t be made durably because they’re stretchy and soft) but obviously they can be made durably because my first pair was... It’s a shame because they really did provide relief but it’s not worth it to me to keep buying them if there’s a chance they’ll only last a couple of days.

    Thank you for sharing your feedback, we're so glad to hear that the cushions have helped make your pumping sessions more comfortable. Please do reach out to our Mommy Care Team who would love to help you make the most out of your cushions! It sounds like the cushions you received may have been an anomaly if they only lasted a couple of days! You can email the team at Thank you!

    Works with Elvie

    I have elastic nipples and the elvie pump with its short flange was not providing me any suction. After researching, I found out about these cushions. They work perfectly with the elvie pump, and now no more loss of suction! I did need to cut the end of the cushions by approx 2mm so as to not block the suction holes on the elvie flange. It saved my investment of $500 on elvie pump!

    Thank you for sharing your feedback, we're so glad to hear that the cushions have helped make your pumping sessions more comfortable. While we generally do not recommend cutting or modifying the cushions, as it may make the cushions more prone to tearing, we have heard Elvie users being successful with folding the tunnel of the cushions (aka turtlenecking) so that the cushions do not block the suction holes in the Elvie flange. Folding does double the thickness of the cushion, so it may require sizing up the flange to accommodate. Happy pumping!

    2.0 bed 1.0

    The 2.0 are too large and stretch out too fast.. I would love to be able to order the 1.0 version they last way longer and fit much better. This product is amazing and these are the only thing that's made it possible to continue to pump and provide breast milk for my son. I bought a set of the older version in October of 2020 and they have lasted longer than either sets of the newer versions. I would love to know if you still make the other version.
    Thank you!

    Total game changer!

    I can't pump without these now! Makes pumping even more comfortable which in turn allows me to produce more. I would highly recommend these cushions.

    Works great for me!

    The cushions work great! I was looking for my 21mm flange to fit better. Before finding out about these, I went through a couple of different size flange & continued to have issues pumping. Now my nipples don’t get completely sucked in, I no longer deal with pain pumping or cuts. It works as described & fit perfectly. I love them!