Introducing: The BeauGen Breast Pump Cushions

Say hello to a truly comfortable pumping experience!

As a first-time mom, I had a lot of difficulty nursing my daughter. As a result, I chose to exclusively pump for her. Unfortunately, this meant that I had to endure painful sessions with my breast pump at least eight times a day. 

I founded BeauGen because I wanted to help moms have a more positive, more comfortable breast-pumping experience. Nobody deserves it more. BeauGen breast pump cushions are a soft, stretchy, and convenient solution that can significantly reduce the pain and discomfort of pumping.

Our company is proudly dedicated to mothers like you. Not only did we design our breast pump cushions with you in mind, we collaborated with hundreds of moms across the U.S. to help test and refine our product. Now we are proud to say that BeauGen has helped over 4,000 moms worldwide.

We are confident that our breast pump cushions will transform your pumping experience, and are passionately committed to supporting you on your breastfeeding journey.

Tu-Hien Le, Co-Founder


Customer Testimonials

"I’m so happy that I purchased the BeauGen cushions. They saved my pumping relationship! I’m exclusively pumping for a surrogate baby I delivered and damaged my nipples using the wrong size flanges. Now with the right size and BeauGen cushions. My nipples feel a million times better and my milk supply has increased! I definitely notice a difference in my output when I don’t use them. I get about 2oz more with the cushions!" 

                                                                  - Happy Customer, Holiday, FL


It worked great and was very comfortable. It also seems to help my letdowns come faster. I did wash after every use...not difficult at all!

— Brook, Holly, MI


Oh my goodness it’s amazing! I’m so excited! Thank you again this is seriously life changing! It hugs my nipple and is like armor!

— Kyria, Fort Collins, CO


I’ve noticed a definite increase in the amount I’m able to express when I use [the breast pump cushions] versus using lanolin, oil, or nothing at all on my flanges. We’re talking ounces!

— Sarah, Pasadena, CA


Very easy to use and negates the need for lubrication which is my least favorite part of pumping on the go. Cleaning was super easy.

— Pamela, Hendon, VA


I had ordered the BeauGen nipple cushions to support a friend, but little did I know they would be a lifesaver or more specifically a nipple saver. I was so relieved that the soreness and sensitivity went away so fast that I was able to try breastfeeding again. These are now my go to baby shower gift and should be on every moms’ registry!

— Cari, St. Pete, FL


I really love them.

— April, Lisbon, OH


My wife is using your product... Thank you so much for making these!

— Rob, Alexandria, VA