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the mamaverse

Be seen, heard, and transformed in The Mamaverse

the mamaverse

The Mamaverse is an engaging and authentic space where you will feel connected, empowered and confident in motherhood as a result of the collection of workshops, conversations, and social events that we've curated with you in mind.  

Engaging Workshops & Socials

Our lovingly and thoughtfully crafted, 3-month digital membership program will include a calendar of virtual events that moms can experience together with other moms at the same stage of motherhood, such as:

  • Live, expert-led sessions (they are recorded in case you can't join live!)
  • A variety of socials focused on lactation, mom support groups, wellness, and more
  • A chance to go BTS at BeauGen with a Q&A sessions with our Founder & CEO, Tu-Hien Le
The Mama Village Lactation Lattes The Mama Village Mom Support Circle The Mama Village Founder Friday The Mama Village Expert-Led Session 

    This is for you if you are/have:

    • Actively breastfeeding by September 1st, 2021.
    • Baby/babies between 0-6 months.
    • Able to attend virtual video meet-ups 2-3 hours a week for 3 months (September, October & November 2021).
    • Not shy about sharing any and all feedback about each aspect of their experience in the program.

    What You'll Get:

    A Welcome Gift: A beautifully packaged welcome gift sent to you during your first month of our 3-month program, valued at $75!

    Access to our Private Community: A dedicated Slack workspace for your cohort, with direct access to each other for peer support; and our Mommy Care Team for cushions and other general pumping support!

    Two Expert-led Classes Per Month: Hour-long classes will be taught live on Zoom, with plenty of time for Q&A. Classes will be recorded and will be available to access afterwards.

    Two Mom Support Group Sessions: Support group discussions are facilitated by a certified postnatal therapist.

    Two Lactation Support Group Sessions: Lactation & Lattes will be held twice per month and facilitated by a certified Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC).

    Founder Friday: Meet and Greet with Tu-Hien Le, BeauGen Founder & CEO, once per month for your chance to learn about our story, our brand, and ask questions about what's new at BeauGen.

    Wellness Tips & Challenges: Mama needs to take care of herself, so we've pulled together some fun and engaging ways to take care of your mental, physical, and emotional self. 

    Useful Resources & Downloads: Centralized location for BeauGen-recommended resources like digital journals, guides, and more.

    We look forward to seeing you in The Mamaverse

    the mamaverse