What Our Customers Say about BeauGen Cushions

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Suggestion for future

Very good for elastic nipples. However, I suggest that you come up with a cushion which are compatible with elvie or other handsfree pumps. Many moms are using the latest handsfree pumps, it would be helpful to buy the cushions that are compatible with these pumps. I suggest making the cushion stems shorter. That way consumers won't have to cut or fold them to fit in their pump. Cutting is not recommended and folding needs re-calculation of flange size. If you sell both the regular length cushions and modified cushions, it would be very helpful to us moms who already have many things to worry about. Please consider this. I have elvie and I would love to use it without modifying the product. Because these really work!

This is great advice, thank you for sharing your experience and your feedback! We're happy to know the cushions are working well for your elastic nipples. Creating different sizes and shorter cushions is on our radar but, with the cost of everything increasing, we don't currently have a timeline just yet. But, stay tuned! :)

Huge relief

I cannot express how impactful these have been. I am able to pump longer and at a higher strength without pain which has helped increase my supply. Grateful to have found these.

This has made our day! We're honored to be a part of your pumping journey. Thank you mama for your amazing review.

Game changer

I pumped an extra half ounce . Comfortable . Easy to use . Pricey but your nips are worth it !
I’ve used them with my Elvie stride and my imani

This is awesome! So happy to hear the cushions have increase your milk output and provided the comfort your pumping journey so much deserves. If you join our VIP subscription, you can save on your cushion purchases :)

My Breast Friend!

I never knew elastic nipples were a thing until I had my little girl. I was desperate for help for my poor nipples. The pain was unbearable when pumping, and it almost made me give up pumping all together. However, Beaugen has been a God send! I can now exclusively pump for my little one and have zero pain at all! My nipples and my sanity thank you for these amazing breast shields/ cushions!

Hali, we're glad you considered trying BeauGen breast pump cushions and we are so thrilled that they worked for you! You got this mama!

So helpful!

I have elastic nipples and almost exclusively pump (nurse like once a week) so these get a lottt of use. I notice a huge difference when I don’t use them. If you’re debating it, get them! Worth the small investment. Customer service is super helpful, too!

You're doing such an amazing job mama! Thank you so much for taking the time to share this feedback and for including us in your pumping journey!

So grateful I found these!

Love these so much, they have really increased my pumping efficiency because now I can up the vacuum level!

Yay! This makes us so so happy! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your pumping routine. Happy pumping mama!

Great for Comfort, but Not Durable

These cushions are great for my elastic nipples and increased my supply almost instantly. They made pumping way more comfortable, but they are NOT durable. After only 12 days of normal use (5-6 sessions at 20-30 min), both my cushions split down the flange. At $28 each set, these are too expensive for me to keep replacing every 12 days. I’m disappointed.

Hi Alexandra! We're so happy to hear the cushions have helped with your elastic tissue and increased your milk supply! I'm sorry the cushions are tearing prematurely, we'd love to chat with you to offer suggestions on how to make the cushions last longer than just 12 days. Because the cushions are made of plastic and not silicone, they can be prone to tearing but, training them over the back of the flanges just once, gets them to relax and be more pliable. Contact our Mommy Care Team so we may give you more individualized support.

Unsure at first

I paired my BeauGens with size 21 Lacteck Baby Motion flanges. Now my sizing finally feels correct (elastic nipples). I'm not sure how small one could go and still be compatible but judging by the look of the BeauGen cushion, I think one could at least go down to 19mm LacTeck flanges. After a couple days to adapt, my output is higher. I am both direct feeding and expressing to feed my preemie fortified bottles. I am usually a "just enougher". The past two days I was able to pump 2 extra ounces for my freezer stash. I did bump up my Spectra suction one notch on both massage and expression settings.

Hi Tina! Thank you for sharing your feedback with us! 2 extra ounces is amazing, great job mama! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your pumping journey :)

Beaugen review

I was in between a 27mm and 24mm flange. I used the beaugen inserts for the 27mm which gave me about 25mm size and it fit perfectly. I always use coconut oil on the flanges and this was no different. The soft material made it less painful as it reduced the constant rubbing. My only issue is it takes a couple tries to get the insert in the middle of the flange but even then, it's not entirely in the middle once the nipple attached to it. If there was an easier way to get the insert positioned easier and more accurate, I would give this product 5 stars.

Hi Maggie,
So glad the cushions helped you obtain the comfort and fit you needed. One suggestion we have that may help you better align the cushions and nipples is to rub some lubricant onto the cushions prior to inserting them into the flanges. This will help in two ways; it will make the cushions more clear for better nipple alignment and it will also get the cushions to be less sticky so that you're able to insert them properly within the flanges. I hope this trick helps mama!

My wife loves them!

Met with the team and bought some for my wife who has been experiencing pain. She loves the pads and uses them every time she pumps!

Hi Brantley! Thank you for your feedback and for the support you give to your wife. We're super happy to be a part of her pumping journey!

Game changer

I’ve been exclusively pumping for 3.5 months now with a goal of “as long as my baby needs breast milk.” I’ve had mastitis twice already & non stop milk blisters & cracks. I finally got some relief with the beau Gen cushions did once I have zero pain when pumping! Thank you heaugrn you’ve saved my pumping and breastfeeding journey for my daughter’s sake!

Oh Ashley! This means so much! Thank you for sharing this success story with us, you have no idea how this impacts us, we've got all the feels! Happy pumping mama!


BeauGen Breast Pump Cushions - 2 Pairs

Love these!

These made pumping with elastic nipples so much more comfortable. There’s a bit of a learning curve for putting them in the flange, but wetting your thumb and the flange slightly really helps for placement. Thank you!!

Hi Jennifer,
Thanks so much for your feedback and for the great tip! It's an honor to be part of your pumping journey.

BeauGen Breast Pump Cushions - 2 Pairs

Hi Marguerite,
Thanks for rating your cushions. Please contact us at pumped@beaugen.com if you have any questions or concerns. We're always here to help!

Love these!!

Gave changer definitely worth the money

Yay! We're honored to be a part of your pumping journey! <3

Worse off than without

My LC recommended these for my pumping. I found the inserts to be uncomfortable & felt I was worse off than without. I would not buy again and would return it I could. But bc the LC recommended them, my guess is that they do work for others, just not me.

Hi Marina!
Thank you so much for your feedback. I'm sorry you're having some trouble with your cushions. Oftentimes adding lubricant or going up a flange size relieves the discomfort some mamas experience with the cushions. We'd love to help troubleshoot the issue you're experiencing, please contact our Mommy Care Team for assistance with this.

Love my BeauGen Cushions!

I have elastic nipples and this is the only product that helps. Use it with my medela and willow pumps!

Hi Tara, we're so happy the cushions are working well for you! Happy pumping! :)

I hate to say it..

I hate to say it because the customer service is so good but I just can’t really tell a difference with and without. To be fair, I’m also pretty sure I just have super sensitive nipples because my breastfeeding/ pumping journey with both kids has been pretty uncomfortable and I’ve tried all the things.

Hi Lindsey,
Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. So happy to hear your experience with our Mommy Care Team was good. I'm sorry we could not find a solution that worked for you. Our bodies are all unique, we understand that our product may not be the solution for some mamas. We hope you are able to find the comfort your pumping journey deserves.

didnt reduce size

So I got these thinking they could reduce 21mm to 19mm flange but it didn’t do that. but it did help nipple elasticity.

Hi Jessica,
Thank you for sharing your feedback! I'm sorry the cushions haven't really helped you obtain the flange size you need. The cushions are about 1-2mm thick, they reduce flange size by this much as well. We'd love to chat with you and get more information about your pumping experience so we can find a solution for you. Please email us at pumped@beaugen.com

Super Soft and Perfect for All of the Baby Snugs!

I was gifted one of these sweatshirts. While it might be the first crew style sweatshirt I've had, I now live in this thing. Super comfortable and it only gets better with age, my little one loves to snuggle up with me too. And being that millennial mom I love celebrating the journey and transition that I made into motherhood at this stage of my life. Thanks so much for such a great shirt!

So glad you love your sweatshirt Maggie! Thank you for taking sometime to share your feedback.

Would have quit pumping without them

So happy with them! I would have definitely quit pumping from the friction burns of flanges if it weren't for them. I'm solely pumping due to a pre term baby so they've been a godsend!

Hi Tiffani,
Thank you so much for your feedback. It's an honor to be a part of your pumping journey!


I want to love these but they just dont seem to fit snuggly inside my 24mm flanges. Im a size 21-22mm which these fit perfectly in but sized up on my flanges to accommodate for the cushions. I even trained the cushions on a 27mm flange but they still dont fit my 24, leaves extra space on the sides allowing for my nipples to rub against the sides. Still going to give these a try but not sure if they are going to work for me :(

Hi Cortney,
Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. I'm sorry to hear you're having some trouble with your cushions. The tunnel of the cushions are not intended to touch the tunnels of the flanges. The cushions will move freely along with your nipples to keep it from experiencing any friction with the plastic flanges. Sometimes, a little lubricant can help provide even more comfort. We'd love to chat with you to offer more individualized support. Please send us an email at pumped@beaugen.com.

Somewhat helpful

The cushions help a little but I find that it is not helping to decrease the size of the flanges like I was told as I still deal with some pain with pumping with the cushions in place...

Hi Heidi,
Thank for sharing your feedback with us. I'm sorry you're still experiencing discomfort with pumping. You may need to further decrease your flange size. You can do this by folding the neck of the cushions, like a turtleneck. This will further decrease your flange size by another 2mm. I hope this tip bring you the comfort you need. Please contact our Mommy Care Team if you have any more questions or concerns.

Much more comfortable

Took a couple uses to break them in and they are a little tough to put in the 21 mm flange without any folds but definitely much more comfortable now than before having them.

Hi Jessica! Thank you so much for your feedback. We're glad to hear the cushions are making your pumping sessions more comfortable. One tip that will help make inserting the cushions easier is to first apply some lubricant onto the flanges prior to inserting the cushions inside of them. Please contact our Mommy Care Team for more individualized support. Happy pumping mama!

Clearly Comfy Cushions 2.0 - 2 Pairs (compatible with flange sizes 21-28mm)

Hi Sadaria,
Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. Glad the cushions are working for you. Happy pumping!