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Bokee cups, the anti-spill silicone bottle cup, are now available from BeauGen. Make bottle prep so easy you can do it one handed.
Bökee Cup | Light Grey
Bökee Cup | Light Grey
Bökee Cup | Light Grey
No more crying over spilled milk with the Bokee Cup, now available on BeauGen! This simple cup grips bottles, sippy cups and more, making bottle prep simple.

Bökee Cup | Light Grey

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Daily bottle prep just got easier. With the bökee, parents can prepare any bottle or sippy cup with one hand

First, push the bökee down on a smooth and dry counter-top. Then, nestle bottle or sippy cup into the bökee. Lastly, apply gentle pressure as you loosen or tighten the bottle top.

The bökee was born out of a real parenting frustration - baby bottles require two hands to prepare when two hands are rarely available. Enter the bökee! This one-piece, dishwasher-safe, 100% food-grade silicone cup holds your bottle in place so it can be filled, opened, or closed with just one hand. 

The bökee works for all bottle and sippy cup types and sizes so you can use it through the years as your little ones grow!

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