06: Hey, Black Mom! You Won’t Want to Miss this Episode.

06: Hey, Black Mom! You Won’t Want to Miss this Episode.

A platform for sharing stories of motherhood among black women in the US.

Jessika, a fellow BeauGen member, has taken her sports writing skills and used them to create a community for black mothers by telling their stories. In 2017, she left the industry and founded Hey, Black Mom, a platform for sharing stories and experiences about being a black mom. Jessika shines a light on her new editorial and social media work in this episode of Express Yourself. Join us to hear her story, why she chose to create a platform for black mothers to feel seen and heard, and get a glimpse into some of these stories themselves.

What we covered:

  • How and why Jessika started Hey, Black Mom. 
  • What you’ll find on the Hey, Black Mom website. 
  • Jessika’s support around motherhood.
  • Hey, Black Mom success stories. 



Meet Jessika Jackson of Hey, Black Mom!

Jessika Jackson's Bio:

For six years Jessika was a sportswriter and editor in the newspaper industry. Her love for the art of storytelling and print journalism led her down that path. When it was time to leave the field in 2017, Jessika didn’t want to abandon her flair for telling stories. Motherhood birthed a renewed zeal in life and Jessika founded Hey, Black Mom!

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