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How It Works

Why Do You Need a Breast Pump Cushion?

It’s simple, mama. Added comfort and better fit. Our soft, stretchy Breast Pump Cushions reduce the friction between your breast and the hard plastic of your pump.

Unboxing: New packaging has arrived!

You’ve received your BeauGen cushions, now what? Our cushions ship flat, but easily pop open and take the shape needed to fit your breast pump flange.

How to Insert BeauGen Cushions Into Your Breast Pump Flange

Open cushions to a cone-like shape before trying to insert them into your flange. Use your thumb to gently insert your cushion into the flange, and your pinky finger to help smooth out any creases and guide the cushion into the tunnel.

How to Care for Your Breast Pump Cushions

Learn how to properly care for your BeauGen Breast Pump Cushions and get more out of every pair.

How and Why to Train Your Breast Pump Cushions

Out of the packaging, you might find that cushions are a little stiff, or that you prefer the feel of them being broken in a little bit. Simply stretch the cushion over the flange of your breast pump, and allow them to sit for about 45 minutes to an hour.

Learn More About the Fold Method

The fold method is the answer to many of the fit concerns that pumping mamas raise with us. First of all, it works well for moms using shorter flanges. It is also helpful for moms who need a little bit more of the nipple visible to get the perfect alignment. Lastly, for moms with shorter nipples, the fold down method prevents breast milk from working its way underneath the cushion.

Don’t worry, mamas. Even using the fold method, your sensitive skin is still protected by the cushion. You don’t have to compromise on comfort!

 Watch Founder and CEO of BeauGen Tu-Hien demonstrate the fold method on BeauGen Breast Pump Cushions in this YouTube video below:

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