How It Works

Why Do I Need BeauGen Breast Pump Cushions?

It’s simple! For comfort and a better fit while breast pumping. BeauGen Breast Pump Cushions are made of a super soft and stretchy plastic that reduces the friction between your breast tissue and the pump's hard flange. Depending on your needs, the cushion reduces the flange size by 1-4mm.

Your sensitive skin is protected by the cushion. There is no compromise on comfort!

Unboxing Your BeauGen Cushions!

You’ve received your BeauGen cushions, now what? BeauGen cushions are folded flat for more eco-friendly shipping. They easily pop open to take the shape needed to fit your breast pump flange.

How Do I Insert BeauGen Cushions Into My Breast Pump Flange?

Unfold and open your cushions to its cone shape. There are several method for insertion. Here is the most popular: Use your thumb to gently insert your cushion into the flange. Smooth out any creases with your pinky.

How Do I Care For My BeauGen Cushions?

Proper care is important to get more out of every pair of cushions. Handwash with warm water and gentle soap, and air dry. Do not expose cushions to high heat because it could degrade its soft and stretchy material, leading to potential faster wear and tear.

Why Should I Train My BeauGen Cushions, and How Do I Do It?

Just like a new pair of shoes, you might prefer for your brand new cushions to be broken in a bit. Training your cushions help to further soften and relax the cushion's material, allowing it to even better conform to you and your flange.

Before your first use, stretch the cushion over the back of the flange of your pump, or other similarly-sized cylindrical object, and allow them to sit for about 45-60 minutes. 

What Is the Fold Method?

The fold method can address many concerns that pumping mamas raise. Regularly inserting your cushion into the flange reduces the flange size by 1-2mm, where as the fold method will reduce the flange by 3-4mm. 

Users may consider the fold method if:

  • the flange still feels too big with the cushion inserted regularly. 
  • using flanges with shorter tunnels, such as the Elvie.
  • you need a little bit more of the nipple visible to get the perfect alignment.
  • you have shorter nipples, the fold method prevents breast milk from working its way back underneath the cushion.

Check out the video below to see how to do the fold method!

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