Reasons Behind Why Pumping Hurts

1. Incorrect Flange Size

When it comes to pumping, there are different factors you should consider to have the most comfortable experience, and one of the factors is sizing. An incorrect flange size can cause you discomfort and pain while pumping. An incorrect flange size can mean it's too big or too small,  You can know your nipple size with the BeauGen Nipple Measuring Roller. Your nipple size can be more accurate if you get to measure it! Nipple flange sizes will help you experience a more comfortable pump and a better flange fit. 

Watch our quick cushion hack to reduce flange size:

2. Friction Blisters

Breast pumping it's like doing anything for the first time (think of exercising). A mom who breastfeeds or pumps the first few times might experience tenderness or soreness. Some moms experience dry or sore cracked nipples. This doesn't mean you're doing it wrong; it's just clear fluid, or blood is filling the blister. Here are some causes of friction blisters—nothing to worry about. Your body is simply adjusting to this new experience.

3. Elastic Nipples

If you have elastic nipple tissue, you may notice your nipple gets drawn all the way down through the tunnel of the flange. It may even hit the back of the flange or valve of your pump. If you do have higher elasticity in your breast, the result could be painful and inefficient pumping due to the pressure being put on your areola and nipple from the breast shield.

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Tips for Pumping

Mama, we want to provide you with helpful resources to achieve a more comfortable experience. Breast pumping can be challenging and can cause discomfort. Sometimes it's hard to find a space where you can pump or breastfeed, and it may be challenging to maintain your milk supply while pumping. You can do many things to make breast pump easier for you and your baby. Here are some tips for pumping before, during, and after. 

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Before Pumping

Make Sure Your Pump Parts Are in Good Condition:
Mama, the milk you are proving to feed your baby, is the best food since its providing all the nutrients the baby needs. While you are breast pumping, keep in mind the tubing, flanges, membranes, duckbills, or any other pumping essential is in good condition for extended pumping sessions and obtain the necessary milk you need. We recommend changing pumping parts every 90 days, but it all depends on the part and how often you are pumping per day. Defective or worn pump parts will affect your suction and the overall efficiency. 

Get a Hands-Free Bra:
A hands-free bra can enable you to relax and let your body do its thing. Generally, most bras are compatible with most pumps. If you use a hands-free pump like Elvie or Willow, you might not need a pumping-specific bra. Unsure about a hands-free bra? Read more about their benefits. 

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During Pumping

Get Cozy with Your Favorite Show, a Netflix Movie, Or a Good Book:  
There are many ways to enjoy your favorite TV show, a Netflix movie, or a good book. Sometimes, it can be hard to find the perfect place to read or watch your favorite programs while you are pumping. Here is a
breast-flixing list for you to enjoy while spending your time pumping. Pick a cozy spot with a comfortable chair, find a soft blanket, and wrap up in it by lighting some candles or playing calming music.

After Pumping

Incorporate Gentle Breast Massage:
After an intense pumping session it's normal there will be sometimes a sharp pain in your breast after pumping. That's why we highly recommend that massaging your breast is a great way to help increase milk production and make breastfeeding easier. It also helps with the relief of breast pain after pumping causes and discomfort that comes with breastfeeding. The benefits of massage for breastfeeding and pumping are vast, as it can help to release oxytocin and prolactin, increase lymphatic drainage and decrease breast engorgement. It can also aid with mastitis and clogging prevention.

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