Vision & Mission

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We are a mommy led company that encourages and supports the impact and greatness of moms.

VISION (why we are here): To help moms make peace with their pump.

MISSION (what we do): To positively impact 1 million women throughout their mommying journey by supporting their efforts to provide for their families and appreciating that they are a great mom.

VALUES (how we do it):

  • How we care: We put our customers first, bringing knowledge and compassion to every interaction we have with them from discovery to advocacy.
  • What we do: We create organic and deep connections with our community of moms and always listen to their feedback to continuously enhance our products and services.
  • How we do it: We collaborate within our team, partner with organizations that support our mission, and learn from our community of moms to find the best solution that solves our everyday parenting challenges.
  • How we inspire and empower: We creatively offer new solutions and communicate new messages through the relevant channels where our community of moms are present, listening, and engaging.
  • Who we are: We are Team BeauGen, a passionate group of parents who care deeply and put our customers first. We share the shine on individual team members when they contribute to the team’s overall mission. We respect each other’s knowledge and experience while learning from one another. We exchange ideas within the team and support each other’s roles knowing that we are all working towards the same goals. We like to have fun while working, and respect the decision of every team member to maintain healthy family-life and work-life flexibility.