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What is BeauGen?

BeauGen is a startup company established in 2015 by parents Tu-Hien Le and Chris Chang. Our mission is to develop mom-inspired innovation that makes motherhood (even) better.

Will the nipple cushions work with my breast pump?

Our nipple cushions will work with most major pump brands and accessories. However, the nipple cushion is not guaranteed to work with the Medela Symphony pump and/or Pumpin Pals flanges.  To inquire about compatibility with a specific product, contact us at

Do I need your product if I don’t have any problems with pumping?

That’s great that you don’t find any discomfort while pumping! A secondary use of our nipple cushions is to help you with sizing if you are in between flange sizes.

Do I need your product if I am not pumping?

Our product is exclusively designed for breast pumping moms. If you are not choosing to pump, you don’t need our nipple cushions – though you still get our love and support!

How many nipple cushions come in each package?

The white nipple cushion pair comes with two nipple cushions per package. We also offer individual cushions too.

Can I use these nipple cushions like a nipple shield to nurse my child?

Please be aware that the nipple cushions are potential choking hazards for small children. Only use the nipple cushions with a breast pump as intended. 


How thick is the nipple cushion? Will I need to go up a flange size to use it?

The nipple cushion is 1mm thick on both sides, so it will reduce the flange size by approximately 2mm. We recommend going up a flange size unless you are in between sizes. If you experience any uncomfortable rubbing during your first use, you can also try the fold method (i.e. - User Tips 5 & 6).

What size flanges work with the nipple cushions?

Our nipple cushions are designed to fit flange sizes 19mm-36mm.

How can the nipple cushions fit such a big range of flange sizes?

We purposely designed our nipple cushions to be stretchy, so they conform to any mom's nipple shape and size. However, with so many choices for flange shape and size available, you may need to test out different flanges in order to achieve your most comfortable results.

The nipple cushions don’t seem to fit around my nipples.  Is there a way to stretch them?

Yes! You can “train” your nipple cushions to conform to the size and shape of your flange by stretching them around the outside of your flanges. See image below

Pumping experience:

What makes BeauGen's nipple cushions different?

Our uniquely designed nipple cushions add significantly more comfort to each pumping session by creating a soft barrier between your skin and the hard plastic breast shield. The cushions will move and stretch with the nipple during pumping.  

Will the nipple cushions help to increase my supply?

The method for increasing supply will vary from mom to mom, but generally requires nursing and/or pumping to “full empty” more frequently. Using our nipple cushions does not guarantee an increase in supply, but it may help by providing maximum nipple protection and comfort while pumping to full empty on a regular basis.  

Will the nipple cushions affect my letdown?

Some moms may experience a slower letdown; however, the overall quantity pumped with or without the nipple cushions should be the same.  

Will the nipple cushions work for everyone?

Every mom is different. If there is a specific situation you want to inquire about to see if the cushions will help, feel free to reach out to with your questions.


How do I wash my nipple cushions?

Use gentle dish or hand soap and rinse under warm water.  

Can I sterilize my nipple cushions?

Since the material is so soft and stretchy, exposing the nipple cushions to high temperatures may make them more prone to tearing. Avoid sterilizing your nipple cushions with boiling water, steamer bags, or open flame.

How should I store my nipple cushions?

Store your nipple cushions in a dry, climate-controlled location, and out of reach from small children.


What are the nipple cushions made of?

BeauGen’s nipple cushions are made out of food-safe, FDA-compliant, medical-grade thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) material.   

International orders:

Do you ship internationally?

Currently we ship to any location in U.S. and Canada. To inquire about shipping to a specific country or for international distributor partnership opportunities please contact us at


What is your return policy?

We will accept unused and unopened packages within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. All international sales are final.

What if I find out the cushions don’t work for me?  Can I return for a full refund?

Because the nipple cushions are a personal use item, we do not accept returns after use. However, we do consider refunds on a case by case basis.  Email us at for more details.