Our Story

As a first-time mom, I realized just how much hard work was involved with the commitment to breastfeed. It was a tough and painful road but through this struggle, I saw an opportunity to improve the pumping experience not only for me but for thousands of others.

At the time, there were few existing solutions in the baby industry that addressed the difficulties of pumping. What I did find was a surprisingly high number of moms who shared their own stories of painful, uncomfortable breast pumping which inspired me even more.

The amazing moms we spoke to inspired me to take matters into my own hands and design a product by moms, for moms.

And that was how BeauGen was born.

Since then our team has served over 30,000 moms like you, allowing us to be part of your own breastfeeding journey.

Our team has been overwhelmed by the positive responses we've received over the years and is dedicated to bringing all mothers a new, truly comfortable breast pumping experience.

With Love,
Tu-Hien Le
Founder & CEO