Our Story, Our Team

My name is Tu-Hien and I’m the Founder & CEO of BeauGen. As a first-time mom, I had no idea how hard it was to breastfeed. It was a tough and painful road but through this struggle, I saw an opportunity to improve the breastfeeding experience not only for me but for thousands of others.

At the time, I didn’t know  what to do when I had a difficult time breast pumping. I was in pain. I felt isolated and discouraged. I didn’t know my options. 

Like so many other mothers, I made connections in online communities. Through these connections, I found a surprisingly high number of moms who shared their own stories of painful, uncomfortable breast pumping which motivated me to do something about it.

The amazing moms I spoke to inspired me to design a solution for moms. I quit my finance job and started down a new path towards helping moms have a more comfortable mommy-ing experience. 

And that was how BeauGen was born.

My dream is to positively impact 1 million women throughout every step of their mommy-ing journey from planning, pregnancy, and through postpartum. My team and I are a passionate, dedicated group of parents and soon-to-be parents who care deeply about our customers. We are all here to support you throughout motherhood.

Welcome to BeauGen, please join our online community of moms! We’re delighted to be a part of so many parenting journeys.

With Love,
Tu-Hien Le
Founder & CEO


Team BeauGen

Meet Anh-Thi Mouradov, BeauGen Partner and cousin of founder Tu-Hien Le. Get to know hher here!

Anh-Thi, Partner

Chris, Product Development