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Thanks for taking the time to discover more about us and our company.  

BeauGen started off as a wife and husband team inspired after the birth of our daughter.

At BeauGen, our mission is to develop mom-inspired innovation that makes motherhood (even) better.

We believe a strong mom is the foundation for her family, and a happy, healthy mom helps everyone be more successful.

BeauGen was founded after we became first-time parents; we realized how much hard work was involved, particularly for mothers.

Soon after our daughter was born, we discovered that nursing did not work for us. However, the pumping process was also painful and uncomfortable. During those early months, we would frequently look at each other and say “There’s got to be a better way.”

We found few existing solutions in the baby industry. We tried many products to improve the pumping experience, but never had more than limited success. What we did find was a surprisingly high number of moms who shared their own stories of painful, uncomfortable breast pumping. Like us, they were seeking a better way.

The amazing pumping moms we spoke to inspired us to take matters into our own hands and design a product by moms, for moms, that offered the most comfortable breast pumping experience possible.

We are excited to share BeauGen's breast pump nipple cushions with the world, and honored to offer all mothers a new truly comfortable breast pumping experience!





Tu-Hien Le


Technical Stuff:

Masters in Global Finance; Prior work experience at IBM, McCann Worldgroup, JP Morgan Chase

Interesting Stuff:

Blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu; World traveler; Ice cream connoisseur