Cushions Specs

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BeauGen Breast Pump Cushions Are:

  • Super soft, stretchy and flexible.
  • Slightly tacky to cling to the breast tissue like a second skin and to allow for a good seal with the flange.
  • Clear for easy nipple alignment.
  • Compatible with most pump brands on the market, and stretches to fit flange sizes 21-28mm.
    • Made of FDA-compliant, food-safe stretchy plastic that is free from BPA & latex.
    • Proudly made in the USA.
    • 100% recyclable *Subject to recycling number 07.
    • HSA/FSA Eligible.

    Cushion Care & Replacement:

    Wash BeauGen cushions with warm water and gentle soap, then air dry. High heat can cause the cushion material to degrade faster, so avoid sterilizing cushions or using any source of high heat for cleaning.

    When washing cushions, check for tears or places where the material might be thinning due to normal wear and tear. When tears and thinning appear, it is time to replace the cushion.

    If you use a double pump, it can be helpful to replace both cushions at the same time, even if only one is showing signs of wear, because it can be easier to keep track of when you last switched them to keep your skin in pumping shape!

    We recommend replacing cushions every 2-8 weeks, depending on pumping frequency and duration of each pumping session.

    Cushion Compatibility

    BeauGen cushions are shaped like most breast pump flanges on the market. This means that they are compatible with most flange brands, including:

    • Spectra
    • Medela
    • Elvie
    • Willow
    • Motif
    • BabyBuddha
    • Lansinoh
    • Hygeia
    • Ameda
    • Momcozy
    • Pumpables
    • Zomee
    • Evenflo
    • and more!

    Reach out to us directly with any compatibility questions!

    BeauGen Breast Pump Cushions are Compatible with Most Pump Brands. Get a list here.

    Cushion Sizing

    • Cushions fit inside flange sizes 21-28mm.
    • Cushion reduces the diameter of the flange by approximately 1-2mm, or 3-4mm using the fold method.
    • Some users size up their flange to accommodate the cushions. For example, if you currently use 24mm, you might size up to 26mm to accommodate the cushion.
    • Need a different size? Click here to complete a brief survey to help us prioritize the development of more sizes to support even more moms.

    What to Expect

    What's Included:

    • You'll receive 1 Pair (2 cushions), 2 Pairs (4 cushions), 3 Pair (6 cushions), or 4 Pair (8 cushions).
    • Each cushion is folded flat and packaged in individual zipper bags.  Given the nature of the tacky material, the cushions may appear "wet" when folded inside their bags, but this is just the natural oils of the material to maintain its super softness and stretchiness.
    • Also included in each order is a card outlining the usage instructions as well as the cleaning and care instructions shared above.

    Stellar Customer Support:

    We have built a Mommy Care Team of caring and compassionate professionals. If you need anything regarding your order, or have questions or feedback on your experience with BeauGen cushions, please reach out to us using this email!

    What's Not Included:

    Please note that collection bottles or other flange accoutrements that may appear in photos on our website are not included in your order.