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BeauGen Breast Pump Cushions

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Designed by moms, for moms.

Our team of moms is dedicated to giving you a more pleasurable and productive pumping experience. Whether you are experiencing soreness and sensitivity, having trouble expelling enough milk or are between flange sizes, these cushions are a tried and true solution. Don't suffer in silence, join the other thousands of BeauGen Moms worldwide
who have made peace with their pumps. 

Soft. Stretchy. Fits like a dream.


See what other BeauGen Moms have to say...


“I had ordered the BeauGen nipple cushions to support a friend, but little did I know they would be a lifesaver or more specifically a nipple saver. I was so relieved that the soreness and sensitivity went away so fast that I was able to try breastfeeding again. These are now my go to baby shower gift and should be on every moms’ registry!”

— Cari, St. Pete, FL


“I’ve noticed a definite increase in the amount I’m able to express when I use [the breast pump cushions] versus using lanolin, oil, or nothing at all on my flanges. We’re talking ounces!”

— Sarah, Pasadena, CA


"These cushions are great! I have a manual pump that doesn't quite fit, but these cushions help it fit better. It also makes it more comfortable to pump. Thanks for inventing a cushion that actually works well!"

- Melody, Mississippi


“Oh my goodness it’s amazing! I’m so excited! Thank you again this is seriously life changing! It hugs my nipple and is like armor!”

— Kyria, Fort Collins, CO


"I am in love! Makes my pumping experience so much better. I actually got about an ounce more too. Super fast shipping as well. I could not be happier with them. Thank you!"

- Ashley


“Very easy to use and negates the need for lubrication which is my least favorite part of pumping on the go. Cleaning was super easy.”

— Pamela, Hendon, VA