Soft. Stretchy. Fits like a dream.

BeauGen Breast Pump Cushions are like a thin layer of pillowy clouds between you and the hard plastic of your pump.

Simply insert the cushion into the flange and pump as usual, except now with less friction and a more customized fit.

See what BeauGen Moms have to say...

  • "These cushions are great! I have a manual pump that doesn't quite fit, but these cushions help it fit better. It also makes it more comfortable to pump. Thanks for inventing a cushion that actually works well!"

    - Melody, Mississippi

  • “I had ordered the BeauGen nipple cushions to support a friend, but little did I know they would be a lifesaver or more specifically a nipple saver. I was so relieved that the soreness and sensitivity went away so fast that I was able to try breastfeeding again. These are now my go to baby shower gift and should be on every moms’ registry!”

    - Cari, St. Pete, FL

  • "These are just what I needed for that added comfort when pumping. I’m in between flange sizes so these cushions were the answer. Customer service is fantastic and I love that there is a subscription service for busy forgetful moms."

    - Michelle F.

  • “I considered quitting pumping (I exclusively pump) because of elastic nipples and tenderness every time I’d pump, but these cushions have made pumping so comfortable and empties my breasts very well. They really are a game changer when it comes to pumping!”

    -  Bianca R.

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Unboxing Your BeauGen Cushions

Designed by moms, for moms.

Our team is dedicated to giving you a more pleasurable and productive pumping experience.

Whether you are experiencing soreness and sensitivity, are between flange sizes, or simply looking for a better pumping experience, these cushions are a tried and true solution.

Don't suffer in silence, join the other tens of thousands of BeauGen Moms worldwide who have made peace with their pumps.