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BeauGen Breast Pump Cushions - 2 Pairs

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Are you returning to work or currently pumping in the office? Being away from your baby is tough, but pumping shouldn’t have to be. Repeat pump sessions can leave your sensitive nipple tissue raw from painful friction.

Using any old flange size creates additional pumping problems. A flange that’s too big draws too much tissue into the flange. And a flange that’s too small rubs your skin raw. In both cases it can compress your nipple and restrict the flow of milk. 

BeauGen created the first innovative Breast Pump Cushion to address these issues and more! Our cushions are easy to insert and work with almost any breast pump flange, even wearable pumps with shorter tunnels! This means that you can now make pumping at work a bit more comfortable.

Reasons to Use BeauGen Breast Pump Cushions: 

  1. Eliminate Friction.
  2. Get a More Accurate Flange Fit.
  3. Protect Elastic Nipples and Make Pumping Possible.
  4. Generally Make Pumping More Comfortable.

Perfect for the Office

As a working mom, your time is important. Time away from your desk often means time spent away from your work. You need to pump and you need it to be effective. When you feel pain from friction, poorly fitting flanges, or elastic nipples, that pain can affect your letdown and ultimately your output. 

Make pumping comfortable with BeauGen’s Breast Pump Cushions. They’re easy to use with your breast pump flange.  Simply pop them in and smooth them flat. After your pump session, place them in a sealed bag or container with the rest of your pump parts that contact your milk and refrigerate until your next session or until you get home to wash everything. 

Learn more about how our cushions help moms achieve the perfect flange fit here.

Download our free nipple measuring ruler to make sure you get the most accurate fit here.

Discover how our cushions stack up against other breast pump flange accessories here.

Why Does the Comfort Companion Pack Contain 2 Pairs of Cushions? 

The Comfort Companion Pack contains two pairs of cushions to ensure that working moms are never left to pump in discomfort. Moms who purchase this two pair pack have two options. Use one pair until it wears out, or to alternate between the two.

Cushions will wear thin over time meaning that eventually you will need to replace them. The more you pump, the faster the cushions will wear down. Working moms tend to pump on average three times a day. 

Some of our working moms prefer to keep one pair at home and one pair in their pump bag. Rather than using one pair until it wears out, alternating between the pairs helps keep them organized and cut down on one more thing to remember to pack in the mornings.

Get more technical information and product specs here.

Save even more time and money by subscribing to monthly deliveries of the Comfort Companion Pack: you’ll never be left without a fresh pair, and all subscriptions always get free shipping. Or explore our other purchase options: one pair, three pairs, four pairs, and bundle options can be found here.

          Customer Reviews

          Based on 55 reviews
          Megan S
          Helped out with elastic nipples and made flange smaller

          I’m unsure if I have elastic nipples or not, but a lot of my areola was going in the flange with my nipple and I was already at a 24 so I bought these and it made it more of a 21. Helped with allowing just my nipple in the shaft of the flange while also being a cushion. Like them a lot!

          Life saver !!!!

          3 weeks pp and I have been having such a hard time getting more than an ounce of milk from my left breast with my Elvie stride. I have elastic nipples and I’ve tried everything I could think of to help and nothing was working. My nipples were sore and cracked from rubbing along the flange even though it was sized correctly. This has changed my pumping journey for sure !!!! I was able to pump over 4oz on my left side alone. If I keep this up I’ll finally have enough milk so I can continue to freeze ♥️

          Game Changer

          I was having a problem with my nipple getting rubbed by the flange and becoming raw and sore. I bought the cushions and within 2 weeks my nipples were healed and not sore anymore. I loved them so much I bought two more pairs so I can replace the first pair since I used it daily during every pump. Wouldn’t still be pumping had I not purchased these game changing cushions.

          Maya K.
          Life saver

          I am absolutely in love with these inserts. I used to struggle so much as an overproducer and elastic nipples. Nothing was helping me until I tried this product. If I could recommend this product to every new pumping momma I would!!! The company has amazing customer service as well. So much love for BeauGen !!

          We love you mama! It is an honor to support your pumping journey. We pride ourselves in the customer service we provide. Thank you so much for sharing your feedback with us!

          Great comfort

          I had a rough breastfeeding journey which led me to start exclusively pumping. Getting the cushions was a big part of being able to continue to exclusively pump. These cushions made my pumping experience so much more comfortable, and I was able to pump longer than expected 6month goal. You really can’t go wrong with these, and they are super easy to clean. From one pumping mama to another, get yourself these cushions and continue to support your journey. ❤️

          Hi Lauren!
          We're so excited that the cushions have helped your pumping journey and even allow you to pump longer than planned. It is a pleasure to be a part of your pumping journey! Thank you for being a BeauGen mama!