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BeauGen Breast Pump Cushions - 1 Pair

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Your reasons for not pumping should never overshadow the love that led you to pump in the first place. Do your nipples feel sore or raw after pumping? Does friction cause your skin to blister or break? Are elastic nipples keeping you from pumping?

BeauGen Breast Pump Cushions are pillowy soft and easy-to-use breast pump flange inserts. You can use them with just about any pump flange. Our inserts take on the abuse from the hard plastic of the cone and tunnel of the flange, saving your sensitive skin and your pumping journey.

Most pumps come with only one or two sizing options. Using a flange that is too large or too small can compress your nipple tissue and lead to problems. You can insert BeauGen cushions to make a flange smaller and get a more accurate and customized fit. BeauGen Cushions are about one millimeter thick, and reduce the overall flange size by two millimeters.

Reasons to Use BeauGen Breast Pump Cushions:

The Difference is Clear

BeauGen’s Breast Pump Cushions are the first ever created, and we remain ahead of other options. We designed our super soft cushions out of a unique stretchy and flexible plastic. They are clear in order to lead users to properly align their nipples within their flange. You can add a bit of coconut oil to help makes the cushion almost transparent.

Other flange inserts are made of hard plastic or silicone which create more harsh angles that aren’t good for your skin. Milk can also get trapped, or leak with these other inserts. Silicone flanges aren’t clear and thus can make getting proper alignment difficult. Those other products often come with these added costs to pumping parents who are already shelling out a lot of money on pumping supplies and aids.

Wash and Care Information

Our hypoallergenic cushions are easy to use. You can refrigerate them with your pump parts in between pump sessions. If you can’t refrigerate them, or are done pumping for the day, simply wash them with gentle soap and warm water. Air dry them with the rest of your parts!

Get more technical information and specs here.

What’s Inside:

In this package you’ll receive two Breast Pump Cushions, each individually wrapped in a sealed bag to maintain cleanliness. You’ll also receive instructions on how to use and care for your cushions. You can choose to make a one time purchase, or save time and money by purchasing a subscription. We also offer two pairs, three pairs, and four pairs of cushions.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 58 reviews
      Kaylene T.
      So helpful!

      I have elastic nipples and almost exclusively pump (nurse like once a week) so these get a lottt of use. I notice a huge difference when I don’t use them. If you’re debating it, get them! Worth the small investment. Customer service is super helpful, too!

      You're doing such an amazing job mama! Thank you so much for taking the time to share this feedback and for including us in your pumping journey!

      Jessica C
      Much more comfortable

      Took a couple uses to break them in and they are a little tough to put in the 21 mm flange without any folds but definitely much more comfortable now than before having them.

      Hi Jessica! Thank you so much for your feedback. We're glad to hear the cushions are making your pumping sessions more comfortable. One tip that will help make inserting the cushions easier is to first apply some lubricant onto the flanges prior to inserting the cushions inside of them. Please contact our Mommy Care Team for more individualized support. Happy pumping mama!

      Excellent - and even better service

      This is a handy product with a smart design. Mine weren't exactly right for me, and the customer service team was SO responsive and helpful the whole way through. Really cool company, really good product. Thanks Beaugen!

      Hi Sarah,
      Thank you so much for sharing your feedback. I'm sorry to hear the cushions did not work for you. I'm glad to know that our Mommy Care Team was helpful and attempted to find a solution for you. We wish you the best throughout your pumping journey!


      Filled in the small space in my flanges

      Hi Kacie,
      Thank you for your feedback. We're pleased to know the cushions have been able to get you the customized fit you need to pump. Please let us know if you have any questions about your pumping journey, always here to help!

      Very hard and frustrating

      They are really hard to use, they keep folding when I place them in my flanges and I have to keep adjusting the to sit correctly, once I try to put them on my breast that’s another issue because they move even more then, they are way more difficult to use than I thought. Not sure if they are still too big but I thought they would be way easier than they are!

      Hi Tiara,
      Thanks for your feedback! Because the cushions arrive folded, they sometimes need some training in order to conform better to the flanges and your breasts. We definitely recommend you train the cushions as well as apply some lubricant to the inside of the flanges prior to inserting the cushions. Please contact our Mommy Care Team for more one on one support with this. We're always here to help!