Compatibility of BeauGen Cushions

BeauGen cushions are compatible with most breast pump brands and accessories on the market, including:
Spectra, Medela, Willow, Elvie, BabyBuddha, Lansinoh, Hygeia, and Evenflo, and more.

    What size flanges work best with BeauGen cushions?

    Cushions are compatible with flange sizes 21-28mm. Because the cushions are approximately 1mm thick, once inserted in the flange, the cushion decreases the flange size by 1-2mm. Thus, we recommend cushions for moms who measure between 19-26mm.

    Some mamas do find success achieving a 17mm flange fit using the fold method. The fold method decreases the flange tunnel by 3-4mm, so folding the cushion while using a 21mm flange may help you achieve a desired flange fit of 17-18mm. Simply fold the tunnel of the cushions down like a turtleneck. To see the fold method in action, check out our How It Works page and the how-to YouTube video.  

    Please note: Unless you are in between sizes, you may need to go up in flange size to accommodate the cushion. If you measure 28mm and already use a size 28mm flange without the cushions, you will not be able to size up to a 29mm or larger to achieve a 28mm fit because the cushion does not stretch enough to fit flanges larger than 28mm. 

    Due to its unique material, cushions are not recommended for moms measuring 29 mm or larger. 

    While we don't have a specific timeline right now, our product development team is thinking about the next generation of breast pump cushions. Click here to complete a brief survey to help us prioritize the development of more sizes to better support even more moms.