BeauGen Nipple Measuring Roller

Beaugen Nipple Measuring Roller Free Download

A Nipple Safe Measuring Tool: The BeauGen Nipple Measuring Roller

When it comes to pumping, size definitely matters. Flanges that are too big or too small for your breast can impact your pumping at best, and damage your nipples at worst. But how to get the right size isn't always clear. With the Nipple Measuring Roller, it can be!

Why a Roller, not a Ruler? 

Other free measuring tools ask you to print and cut out a ruler. BeauGen believes in protecting sensitive skin like nipple tissue. We designed our free Nipple Measuring Roller to remove jagged edges that can worsen nipple trauma.

How to use the BeauGen Nipple Ruler Measuring Tool

How to Get Your Nipple Measuring Roller: 

Simply use the form above to download the free PDF and print in the comfort of your home. Follow the step by step directions to take an accurate measurement of your nipples. Be sure to measure both as our breasts are often sisters, not twins.

Save this File! Your nipples might change over time. If your nipples are swollen from pumping, using the right size flange in combination with lubrication and our Breast Pump Cushions can reduce the swelling, healing your skin, and changing the size of your nipple. No nipple trauma? You might be surprised to find that your nipples can still change over the course of your breastfeeding journey.