Unboxing the New BeauGen Packaging!

Mommy Care Team
Breast Pump Cushion

Take a peek inside BeauGen’s new packaging and learn more about our innovative breast pump cushions.

This simple little package offers a world of comfort and support to moms who are pumping.  The new packaging is here! The Team here at BeauGen has worked hard to design a packaging solution that provides the optimal delivery of our cushions while also offering all of the necessary and helpful information moms need. 

Let’s take a closer look at the new BeauGen packaging with the unboxing video below.  Featured in this video is our very own BeauGen Founder and CEO, Tu-Hien Le!

Why did we redesign our packaging?

We always want to continuously improve and offer our customers the best experience.  (Much like our goals with pumping!)  The new cushion packaging offers protection for the product to ensure that they reach your door ready to use.  It offers this protection at a minimal size and weight, keeping shipping costs down.  

The new packaging also enables us to include important information on the use, care, and efficacy of our cushions.  When you get your new box, you’ll see that each side is packed full of helpful information. Haven’t ordered your first pair of cushions yet? Ordering is simple.  And with our Mommy Care Team to support you, it’s worry free.  Click here to check out our online store and pump a little comfort into your breastfeeding routine.

How to unbox and use your breast pump cushions:

Unboxing and using your cushions is as easy as one, two, three.  Follow the simple steps below and you’ll be ready to go in no time!

First, simply open your box.  We recommend not using a sharp object so that the cushions are not accidentally damaged.  

Unbox the new packaging with BeauGen Founder Tu-Hien Le

Second, unpack the cushions.  You’ll notice that they are shipped flat.  The flexible material used to make cushions will allow them to pop open and regain their cone-like shape.  

Same Great Cushions, All New Packaging!


Now you’re ready to pump! It’s really that simple.  If you have any questions about our packaging, our product or our VIP Mom Experience, please reach out to us here.  In our next post, we’ll take a look at how to insert these cushions into your breast pump flange

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