11: Get Matched with the Right Baby Gear

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BeauGen Express Yourself Podcast Episode 07: Imagine a Registry that Does the Searching for You!

Gugu Guru is the Virtual Baby Product Concierge that Connects Moms with the Right Gear

What if you could wave a magic wand and magically add everything you need and want onto your baby registry? While we haven’t found a magic wand, yet, we have found Gugu Guru! We interview Founder and CEO of Gugu Guru Monica Banks to learn more about trends in the baby industry, how working with a concierge can drastically shorten the time it takes to create the perfect registry and more!

Listen through to the very end of this podcast episode for a special announcement and to learn how you can join the team of Moms making an impact.

What we covered:

    • How Monica came up with the idea to start Gugu Guru. 
    • How Gugu Guru navigates through mom personas. 
    • The registry item most moms need help with. 
    • Breast pumps.
    • How Monica turns her biggest competition into her biggest asset.
    • How moms can work with Gugu Guru.
    • Monica’s new business venture. 

    Monica’s Instagram
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    Meet Monica Banks of Gugu Guru on Instagram!

    Monica Banks' Bio:

    Monica Banks is the Chief Guru at Gugu Guru, a premier baby product concierge. Prior to becoming the founder of Gugu Guru, Monica was a branding and marketing consultant in the Mom & Baby industry. She currently lives with her husband, two children and dog in Long Island, New York.

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