10: Virtual Lactation Support: In House Care, Online

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BeauGen Express Yourself Podcast Episode 10: Virtual Lactation Support: In House Care, Online

How the Breastfeeding Resource Center in Pennsylvania is Helping Mamas all Over

The Breastfeeding Resource Center, also known as the BRC by its trained IBCLC staff and volunteers, provides mamas with lactation classes, support, and resources. Until now, the BRC has focused in their home of Eastern Pennsylvania. Rather than limit their services as a result of the pandemic, the BRC, led by Colette Acker, has expanded their offering to virtually support moms anywhere. Colette is the executive director and co-founder of this non-profit which started in 2003. Colette began her journey in lactation back in 1998 as a IBCLC. 

What we covered:

  • How Colette started her journey in the lactation industry.
  • The trend that helped the lactation community the most. 
  • How mothers became interested in breastfeeding after years of focusing on formula. 
  • Baby Friendly Hospital initiative.
  • Lactation professional feedback on exclusive pumping. 
  • How the pandemic has impacted the needs of breastfeeding moms.
  • Advice for women who are on the fence about calling an IBCLC.
  • The donor milk process.
  • Words of wisdom for the mom preparing for her breastfeeding journey. 

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    Meet Colette Acker of the Breastfeeding Resource Center

    Colette Acker's Bio:

    Colette Acker is the driving force for the Breastfeeding Resource Center. Taking the helm of the center in 2003, Colette brought together the incredible volunteers and community outreach staff to create a trained force of lactation support for mothers in her community, and now beyond. Colette has three grown children and is the proud grandmother of 2 (who were both breastfed!)


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