13: Breaking Down Infant Massage with Bri of Breezy Babies

Learn more about infant massage and Breezy Babies in this Podcast Episode

Learn How Simple Strokes Can Make a Big Difference

Brianne Taggart joins us to talk about infant massage in this power packed Express Yourself Podcast Episode. Bri is a registered nurse, IBCLC, childbirth educator and certified instructor of infant massage but most importantly she’s a mother of three! On this episode she shares how the role of infant massage instructor found her, how it’s made an impact for her patients and their babies, and how her kids are still asking for strokes by name as they grow older.

You’ll learn that infant massage is simple, especially when Bri breaks it down. She gives us the top benefits and basics on how to get started, but more importantly Bri shares links for more information for listeners of this episode. Listen in and then start learning infant massage today!

What we covered:

  • Get to know Brianne Taggart and her journey into IBCLC, infant massages and more.
  • Reasons why baby massages are helpful. 
  • Optimal time to start infant massages.
  • Your kids will love and ask for these massages as they grow! 


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Get to know Bri Taggart of Breezy Babies Infant Massage

Brianne Taggart's Bio:

Bri has a passion for teaching and empowering families about all things boobs, babies, and breastfeeding. She’s a Registered Nurse, IBCLC Lactation Consultant, childbirth educator, and Certified Instructor of Infant Massage. Bri has three kiddos of her own so she knows firsthand how rocky the road into parenthood can be. Bri likes to make that transition as smooth as possible for the families she teaches. 

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