14: The Makeup of Mama’s Milk: Testing with MilkStrip

14: The Makeup of Mama’s Milk: Testing with MilkStrip

Avital Beck Creates At Home Breast Milk Test Kits so Mothers Can Learn About the Makeup of Their Milk

Have you ever wondered if your baby is getting the right nutrition? Do you worry that you’re eating the right stuff as a breastfeeding or pumping mom? You're in good company! Many moms stress over how to provide the best nutrition to their babies, and wonder what that nutrition looks like. Now, thanks to Avital and her team, there is a way that we moms can privately test our milk and get answers to these burning questions.

Avital is the co-founder, CEO and CSO of MilkStrip. Avital has built the only breast milk diagnostic kit that delivers real time actionable results in the comfort of your home. In this podcast episode we dive into her personal story as a mom of six children, her background as a scientist, and how she combined the two to fo

What we covered:

  • Inspiration behind Milk Strip. 
  • Reasons why moms want to test their milk. 
  • The story of Milk Strip.
  • How easy it is for moms to use these at home testing kits. 
  • The hurdles that Avital and her team have to go over for current and future testing kit development.
  • Avital shares her breastfeeding journey after having six kids.
  • What surprised her most when starting Milk Strip.

Milk Strip Links

Avital Beck’s Linkedin
MilkStrip Website

Meet Dr. Avital Beck CEO of MilkStrip

Dr. Avital Beck Bio:

Dr. Avital Beck is the CEO, CSO and co-founder of MilkStrip. In this role, as a leading innovator in the baby-tech industry, she brings her expert background in biotech and science. MilkStrip is the only company that offers breast milk diagnostic kits that deliver real-time results and actionable results at-home without the long delay of lab work. She is also the mother of six children, all of whom she breastfed while pursuing her full-time STEM career. Avital is passionate about helping mothers thrive in their professional careers while raising babies in the modern world.


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