02: Get Pumped for this Episode All About Exclusive Pumping

Beaugen Express Yourself Episode 02: Get Pumped for This Episode All about Exclusive Pumping!

Amanda Glenn Is a Mama on a Mission: To Make Pumping Easier

BeauGen is pumped to bring you an exclusive interview with exclusive pumper, BeauGen Affiliate, CLC and advocate for pumping moms, Amanda Glenn. Amanda has been making exclusive pumping easier for moms for over 6 years by sharing information and resources on her website and Instagram. In this episode, you’ll not only meet Amanda Glenn of Exclusive Pumping, but hear her story, learn tips and tricks that can make a difference in your pumping journey today, and more! 

What we covered:

  • Amanda Glenn’s inspiration to become a CLC. 
  • How do you start exclusively pumping?
  • Exclusive pumping schedules. 
  • The Ideal number of ounces for a new exclusive pumping mom. 
  • Common challenges with exclusively pumping. 
  • The importance of having an exclusive pumping community. 


Exclusive Pumping
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Meet BeauGen Express Yourself Guest, Amanda Glenn

Amanda Glenn's Bio:

Amanda Glenn is moving mountains for pumping moms. She offers new moms a website packed full of resources, two books on exclusive pumping, resources, downloadable guides, a facebook community and more! She isn’t afraid to share her story, get raw, and real with moms in order to help provide them with a better exclusive pumping journey. 

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