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04: Nitty Gritty on Pelvic Floor Therapy With Nidhi Patel

How Is Your Pelvic Floor Impacted by Pregnancy and Childbirth, and What Pelvic Floor Therapy Looks Like for Many Women.

Nidhi Patel joins Express Yourself Host Tu-Hien Le and Cohost Maggie Schott in a groundbreaking podcast episode about your pelvic floor. Essential to a woman’s health and wellness before, during, and after pregnancy and childbirth, there is little emphasis placed on the pelvic floor.

In this podcast episode we uncover what role the pelvic floor plays in women’s health. We discuss how pregnancy and childbirth change or impact this area of our body, and how specialized physical therapy can help us fully heal after childbirth. 

What we covered:

  • Inspiration behind Nidhi’s career as a pelvic floor therapist
  • What pelvic floor is and why it’s important 
  • Pelvic floor and childbirth
  • The right time to see a pelvic floor therapist
  • What pelvic floor therapy looks like before, during, and after pregnancy
  • The importance of pelvic floor health for all women, even before pregnancy.


Meet Nidhi Patel

Nidhi Patel's Bio:

Nidhi is a Doctor of Physical Therapy who specializes in treating pelvic floor dysfunction. She currently works in Athens, GA in an outpatient setting as well as coowns a mobile physical therapy business with her husband. She recently gave birth to a baby girl and loves spending time outside and cooking in her free time.