01: Pumping Doesn’t Have to Suck

BeauGen Express Yourself Podcast Episode 01: Pumping Doesn't Have to Suck

Meet Our Co-hosts and Learn All About How We Got Here.

Tu-Hien's Beautiful Family and Inspiration for BeauGen!

We are so excited to introduce you to the Express Yourself Podcast, brought to you by BeauGen. Meet our co-hosts Tu-Hien Le and Maggie Schott as they dive into Tu-Hien’s personal breastfeeding journey that was the impetus for creating all that is BeauGen and ultimately, the Express Yourself Podcast. 

Listen to Tu-Hien's story about becoming an exclusive pumping Mama, why pumping sucked, and what she had to do about it in this first episode.  We not only cover her story, but why pumping sucks for many moms, from first timers to experienced pumpers. 

What we covered:

  • Who knew breastfeeding was so difficult?
  • The breastfeeding journey that led Tu-Hien to create our breast pump cushions.
  • How online communities make mommying easier, and how they contributed to the development of our product. 
  • Developing a brand new product in a taboo marketplace. 
  • Entrepreneurship and motherhood - first time mom and first time business owner at the same time!  



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Meet BeauGen Express Yourself Host Tu-Hien LeMeet BeauGen Express Yourself Co-Host Maggie Schott
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