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3 Myths about BeauGen Breast Pump Cushions

In this post, we’re clearing the air about a couple of common myths about our BeauGen Breast Pump Cushions

BeauGen Breast Pump Cushions are designed to make a major impact on your pumping sessions by adding comfort, reducing friction, and helping you achieve a better fit with your flange. In fact, because it will be more comfortable pumping with our cushions, you may be able to increase the length of your pumping sessions and/or pump more frequently. However, there are a few things that our cushions are NOT designed for:  

  1. Nipple Shields
  2. Increase Output
  3. Cure or Correct Pre-existing Conditions

BeauGen Founder and CEO Tu-Hien Le shares three common myths about our breast pump cushions. 

BeauGen Cushions Are Not to Be Used As Nipple Shields

Our cushions are designed to fit snugly around your nipple and breast. They’re made of a durable yet soft and stretchy plastic to provide you more comfort while pumping. These qualities might make our cushions appear to be the perfect nipple shield, however, BeauGen does not recommend using the product as a nipple shield as it is a choking hazard. If you are searching for a comfortable nipple shield, reach out to our Mommy Care Team and we can share some great options with you.

3 myths about BeauGen Breast Pump Cushions

Increase Output is Not a Proven Benefit of BeauGen Cushions

One of the most common questions we get is whether our cushions will help to increase milk production.  This likely stems from the number of moms who post about our cushions helping them produce more breast milk per session.  While it sounds like our cushions might inherently increase output, their main purpose is to make pumping more comfortable and less painful. So for some moms, this could mean they are able  to pump for longer. So you may find that you get more milk per pump session, but it more likely due to an increased length of time rather than efficiency. Every mom is different, so output may vary. 

3 myths about BeauGen Breast Pump Cushions

As Much as We Would Love to, BeauGen Cushions Cannot Correct Pre-Existing Conditions

Our cushions are not meant to correct or cure pre-existing conditions such as cracked or bleeding nipples or thrush, but they may help to prevent them in the future. If you have pre-existing conditions, we suggest that you wait until your skin has healed before using the breast pump cushions while pumping.  

3 myths about breast pump cushions from BeauGen

There might be a few common misconceptions or myths about breast pumping, and our cushions, but one thing is sure, more comfort is always better.  If you’re ready to give our cushions a try, click here to start shopping. Still have a few questions? Our Mommy Care Team is waiting to speak to you.  Email them by clicking here.


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