BeauGen Cushion Hack for Reducing the Size of Your Flange while Breast Pumping

BeauGen Cushion hack for Reducing the Size of your Breast Pump Flange

Learn this simple trick from BeauGen that can save you time and frustration 

Sizing your flange can be difficult. Getting a comfortable fit, well that’s challenging, too. With BeauGen’s Breast Pump Cushions help is available! Our cushions help moms size flanges down by simply inserting the cushion into your flange. But, if that’s not enough, or you need a little bit more cushion while pumping, this helpful hack is perfect for you. 

BeauGen cushions are soft, stretchy, and foldable. This is where we get this helpful hack, the fold method. Watch the video below or continue reading to learn this helpful sizing hack from BeauGen Founder and CEO Tu-Hien Le.

How to Achieve the Fold Method with Your BeauGen Breast Pump Cushions

Unpack your new pair of breast pump cushions. Pop these babies open so that they form the shape of a flange. Now here comes the not so tricky part: Take the part of the cushion that inserts into the tunnel, and fold it back on itself.  It should be about half as long now.

Then, simply insert the cushion into your flange as you normally would before folding it. Place your thumb inside the cushion and smooth it along the inside of your flange and tunnel so that it snugly fits. Now you’re ready to use your breast pump with confidence and comfort.

Can I still use BeauGen Cushions if I change the size of my Flange?

Yes! Our cushions are designed to provide maximum comfort while maintaining a low profile. The cushions are designed to fit flange sizes 21mm to 27mm. They’re approximately 1mm thick and by themselves may reduce the size of your flange by 2mm. The fold method is designed for moms who need to reduce the flange size by 3-4mm.  

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Thank you for your questions.
Q1) Yes, you can still use the BeauGen cushions with your 28mm flanges. While the cushions are primarily designed to be compatible with 21mm – 27mm flanges, they can work with slightly larger sizes as well.
Q2) The cushions do have the potential to reduce the diameter slightly due to their thickness, but they also provide a softer and more forgiving surface which tends to compensate for this. While we can’t guarantee a specific reduction to 26mm, most users find the overall comfort improvement outweighs any minor size adjustment.
Q3) With elastic nipples, you might find that using the cushions with your current flange size helps to mitigate the areola pull while still preventing too much nipple rubbing. It is often about finding the right balance for your unique anatomy and comfort.
Q4) Yes, it’s perfectly fine to use nipple lubrication like olive oil while using these cushions. This can often enhance comfort and ease of pumping.
As always, everyone’s experience is unique, and you may need to try different things to see what works best for you. Your comfort and successful pumping experience are our primary concern.

Team BeauGen

I have elastic nipples. And my areola grts pulled too much into the flanges. If I go by nipple sizing with a ruler, it is 27mm post pump. But I use flanges 28mm to minimize my area being drawn too much into the flanges.
Q1) Can I still use beuagen cushions for 28mm flanges? It says compatible with 21mm – 27mm.
Q2) if I use for 28mm flanges, will it further reduce the diameter to 26mm?
Q3) for elastic nipples, are there any specific recommendations to use a smaller flanges to prevent areola pull and still be ok without causing much reduction of flange size and cause nipple rubbing into the flanges.
Q4) Is it OK to still use nipple lubrication like olive oil while using these cushions.

Thank you.

Ratnam Santoshi

I use 15 mm but need inserts to fit 25 mm on my zomee fit


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