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As full disclosure this is not meant to be a judgmental article. In fact, it’s the opposite.

Breastfeeding vs. formula feeding is a highly sensitive and highly debated topic. The point is, whether a mom chooses breastfeeding via nursing or pumping, formula feeding, or even a combination, it should not matter. She’s doing what she believes works best for her and her baby.

We as outsiders should not judge a mother’s decision on how to care for and raise her own child or claim we know her situation better. If anything, don’t moms know best? We should continue to support each other’s decisions and continue to exercise empathy. 

We all can relate to every mom who will do whatever is necessary to give their children the best of the best. 

But the reality is life is not perfect. We adapt to the situations we are in and the cards we are dealt.

More commonly than not, mothers need to return back to work and cannot produce and pump enough milk to send with their baby. That is why we have the wonderful modern day invention of formula to help supplement what moms can do. We should not look at formula as the evil villain but in fact one of the best inventions in modern times to help feed and support babies who have needs and circumstances where they cannot get breast milk.

Because of the existence of formula, babies who lost their mothers, are adopted, have special dietary needs, or are separated from their mothers for a period of time can now be safely fed. More commonly, women who need to be away from their child because they work full-time can now have formula to supplement their growing baby’s needs.

Lets also give a big shout out to the invention of breast pumps. I know we all complain about how painful and annoying pumping is. It’s not the most natural experience but at least now we are able to build a supply of breast milk so other care takers can pitch in while you give yourself a break, go back to work, or relief the discomfort from being an over supplier. For those uncomfortable times, there are even breast pump cushions that relieve some discomfort during the pumping experience so mothers don’t have to cringe in pain every time they pump. Without the ability to pump, empty out your breast, and build a milk supply, women would be strapped to their babies for the first year.

As modern women we should be thankful for these inventions. No they are not perfect solutions but they help enhance our lives by giving us backup options for our babies.

In the end, whether you breastfeed or formula feed, a mom’s gotta do what she’s gotta do. As long as mom and baby are happy and healthy, we should show empathy and support to our fellow mom friends.

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Nice article for this one! Lets support all the mothers out there. And for those who are giving a breastfeed to their babies, there’s need for you to have supplement and you can add probiotics in your healthy lifestyle.


I love a pro formula article -
I was reading a science article on this debunking some of the the myths surrounding formula fed babies


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