Expert MOTN Pumping Tips

Expert MOTN Tips from BeauGen Moms

Tips from Exclusive Pumping Veterans That Make MOTN Pumping Easier

Let’s face it, the lack of sleep during the newborn phase is one of the most challenging parts of early parenthood. Tiny babies need us throughout the night to feed, change, and swaddle them. There are times when we can tag in our partner, especially if we are pumping and bottle feeding. But to maintain an adequate milk supply, continuing to pump overnight is essential. 

While it might be tough now, like all things in parenting, it will get better over time. You have a friend in BeauGen. Lean on our expertise and friendly mom advice to help make middle of the night pumping easier so that you can get back to sleep faster. 

Tips to Make MOTN Pumping Easier and Faster:

Extra! Extra!

Have an extra pair of cushions and flanges ready to go. Wash both pairs in the evening. Use one set for the pump session right before bed. Pump and then throw them in the sink to wash in the morning. Then use the second set that is already ready to go and waiting on the nightstand when you get up in the middle of the night.

Extra pump parts mean you aren't spending time washing your only set in the middle of the night.

If you use BeauGen Breast Pump Cushions, have the cushions sitting inside the flange ready to go for your MOTN session. Then you can just press around the cushion to seal them to your flange before you pump. 

Time It!

Set an alarm on your phone as recurring every night at one set time. Even if you are just doing one overnight pump a slight swing in the time such as going to bed an hour earlier or later won’t make a difference. This way you don’t have to remember to set an alarm every night before bed. 

Set alarms for your MOTN pump session in advance so you don't forget.


Keep your pump right next to your bed so you just have to lean over and grab it. Save time and energy, while also making it easier to get back to bed. Think about it, the less time you actually spend awake, wandering around your house in the middle of the night, the easier it will be to fall back asleep. And at this stage, every minute counts.  


When you’re tired, and trying to do something when you’d rather be sleeping, the right support can make all of the difference. Use a husband pillow so you can sit up right but still rest your back and head comfortably. You may actually even fall back asleep while pumping it's so comfortable.

Set Up Ahead of Time:

Have a washed collection bottle and a Bokee set up waiting at your counter so you aren’t looking for one at two in the morning. Not only can looking for a clean bottle or having to clean a bottle not be an efficient use of time but cabinets and drawers can risk waking members of your family, let alone the baby, after you worked so hard to get them down. A Bokee Cup helps avoid any overnight spillage from tired hands and eyes. Save even more time by getting the bottle set up in the Bokee cup before you need it.



Tag Team Cleanup:

Leave all pump parts that need to be washed in the sink and if your partner gets up before you in the morning, have them wash them for you. Pumping is a lot of work, and trying to do it all on your own can be overwhelming. Asking for help cleaning your parts can save you time and energy. If you get them to time it right, you might even get a cup of coffee while they’re at it!

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