Express Yourself: Breastfeeding and Pumping Support Groups

Express Yourself: Breastfeeding and Pumping Support Groups

How and why mommy support groups can aid in your breastfeeding and pumping journey

Breastfeeding and/or breast pumping can feel like a lonely journey. Often you are by yourself with either your baby, or your pump (or both), trying to pass the time.  Even though you are doing something incredibly important for your baby, it can be tough.  

Whether you are struggling with clogged ducts, mastitis, feeling lonely or overwhelmed, support groups for moms can make a big impact. In this post and in the video below, we share some of our Vlogging Mama Liesel’s thoughts on joining a breastfeeding or pumping support group. 

Support Groups Put Someone in Your Corner

While it can be a lonely experience, you are not alone in breastfeeding or pumping for your baby.  In fact, moms all over the world are experiencing the same challenges and joys that you are. When you join a breastfeeding or pumping support group, you connect with other women with the same or very similar experiences. This can be a very powerful feeling. 

In these groups, you can choose to share about your own challenges and experiences, or you’ll find that other moms are already sharing about them.  The fact that you are not going through this alone, that there are other women facing the same thing, making the same tough decisions that you are, is very positive.

Knowledge Sharing

The human species has survived for a pretty long time, which means that there are many, many women who have breastfed or pumped for their babies before us.  They’ve amassed knowledge through their experiences and there’s a very high chance that they or someone someone like them is sharing this information in a support group near you.

Whether you attend groups in person, or join a virtual group on Facebook (or other platform), you are gaining access to a wealth of knowledge which can dramatically impact your experience.

Support Groups Beyond the Breast

Moms have come together over many different topics.  Yes there are great support groups for breastfeeding and pumping but you can also find them on things like postpartum depression and anxiety. 

By joining a community you are actively taking a positive step forward to solving challenges or problems that you as a mom face.  You are no longer facing them alone but with a network of other women, and quite often, professionals, who are positive and up lifting.  That’s one of the great benefits of about any type of mom support groups - it’s full of people who want to see you succeed.

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Check out this short video on why and how breastfeeding and pumping support groups can make a big difference in your journey as a mom. 

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