How to Prepare for Breastfeeding

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How to Prepare for Breastfeeding

Taking some time to prepare for Breastfeeding or Pumping before baby arrives can alleviate stress.

There are many things to do when preparing for your baby from your shower, to your nursery, to breastfeeding. Yes, thinking about breastfeeding and pumping before your baby gets here is a great way to help alleviate stress.  

Thinking about how you’ll plan to feed your baby before the birth can help to set both mom and baby up for success. Many people assume that breastfeeding or pumping is natural, that it’s just something that happens. But it can be a bit challenging for some moms, which can lead to stress and make feeding baby feel stressful.

With this short blog and video though, you can help set yourself up for success and take the stress out of breastfeeding and pumping. 

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Tip Number 1: Order Your Breast Pump Through Your Insurance Company

Many insurance providers now offer to cover the cost of breast pumps.  Before baby arrives, give your provider a call to inquire as to which make and model is covered so that you can be prepared. Depending upon your insurance provider you may need to wait until the actual birth to order the pump. In the meantime, you can use a pump from the hospital during your stay. If you need coverage until your pump arrives you may be able to rent a pump from the hospital.

Tip Number 2: Order Extra Parts

After you know which pump will be covered by your insurance, you can order extra parts. As you use your pump, certain parts will wear out. Additionally, certain parts will need to be washed and air dried, meaning they can’t be used again right away. By ordering extra parts you can reduce the need to hand dry the parts in between pumping sessions.

When these parts (tubing, flanges, bottles, cushions, etc.) do wear out, you’ll need to replace them. Having extras on hand means that you can continue with your pumping schedule uninterrupted while new parts are on the way. 

Tip Number 3: Talk to Your Partner about how they can help you.

Breastfeeding and pumping can take a toll on mom. It’s hard work feeding your baby! But it doesn’t mean that you have to do it all on your own. Sit down with your partner before the baby arrives and chat through some ways that you can share the workload.  

One way is to have your partner hold baby while you’re pumping so that you have one less thing to manage. Giving baby a bath or massage is another way your partner can be helpful while also bonding with baby. Holding and bathing are also great ways to calm and soothe baby, which in turn helps to soothe mom!  

Another big way to help mom is washing and sterilizing pump parts. Bringing her food or water while pumping will also be greatly appreciated. Helping out with housework and other chores will also greatly support mom while she’s pumping or breastfeeding. 

Mom needs her sleep. Taking turns with nighttime feedings if you have a milk stash from pumping can be a much appreciated way to help out. 

Tip Number 4: Set Aside Space for Pumping

To have a dedicated space for feeding or pumping, filled with  water, snacks, some kind of entertainment, your pump parts, and maybe even a coverup, is a great way to prepare. Create a space that is quiet, where you can relax and focus on feeding your baby.  

Tip Number 5: Stay Hydrated!

It’s really important to stay hydrated to keep up your milk supply.

Tip Number 6: Find Support

It’s a great idea to join breastfeeding and/or pumping support groups before baby comes. These groups will help to share information and tips, as well as being a place to hear that you’re not alone in the breastfeeding journey.

Tip Number 7: Have a Plan B

Things can happen. Your milk supply might not come right away. Baby might have trouble latching. A number of things could happen. Having a Plan B upon which you and your partner both can agree will help to take away the stress. 

Liesel, BeauGen Vlogging Mama, sets us up for successful breastfeeding and pumping so that we can be ready when baby comes. 

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