Finding the Motivation to Pump


In a perfect world, we would be able to stay at home and breastfeed our babies until they are happily weaned and we feel the urge to start working again. Unfortunately, this isn’t even remotely close to what happens. After a few months at home, most moms have to return back to work. Today most households need two incomes, which forces moms to give up exclusive breastfeeding and move to bottle feeding their baby.

Many moms choose to continue pumping during work and breastfeeding when at home. This means their baby is still getting the breast milk they need, but it can be really difficult for a breastfeeding mom.

Finding the time to pump between work, home life and being a mom is nearly impossible. But somehow, we manage to do it.

There will come times where you feel so close to giving up that it might scare you, but remembering why you are pumping, and what drives you to do so, will give you the boost you need to continue.

Knowing that by giving your baby breast milk, you are giving her exactly what her little growing body needs to thrive, is such a motivator on its own. Your body is incredible. It can pick up if there is a bug in your little ones system, and through your breast milk it will provide your baby with the antibodies she needs to fight off the infection. So not only is your breast milk specifically designed to cater for exactly what your baby needs at any moment, it also prevents her from getting sick. How amazing?!

If you lose your motivation to pump because it is quite painful, remember there are many items out there that can help ease the pain and offer more comfort. Nipple creams are designed to help soothe sore and cracked nipples. Applying some nipple cream after each pump can really help your nipples bounce back to normal. Breast pump cushions are also a huge help. The difference they make when it comes to comfort and milk output is out of this world. Small items like this will really help you enjoy pumping so much more, and help keep your motivation up to pump.

In every aspect of life we find ourselves a little down on motivation. When it comes to breastfeeding, your determination to continue pumping and providing your baby with the best substance out there can really change their life. You can be sure that you have done everything in your power to give them the best start. Be proud of yourself - you really are doing the best you can.

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