Going Back to Work - How to Deal

BeauGen Offers Simple Tips for Going Back to Work After Maternity Leave
Going back to work after having your baby can be absolutely terrifying! Not only are we stressed about the logistics of it all, but every day we are reminded that soon we will have to trust our baby to someone else. All our maternal instincts shout for us to be the sole caregiver!  Unfortunately nowadays most families need two incomes and we aren’t able to be stay at home moms.

On the other hand some moms find themselves excited to be going back to work, and this can often cause some guilt. You are torn between wanting to have your own time and wanting to be home with your baby to nurture and watch them grow. This is completely normal. You weren’t always a mom, so it is perfectly fine to miss some of your pre-mom life. Finding a balance is so important. You can have your freedom at work, and still feel like you are doing the best for your baby.

Going back to work after having your baby-  tips for how to deal.

We often feel like we are pushed to return to work before we are actually ready. Ideally babies should be breastfed or at home with mom for the first six months at least. However financial and work factors often mean that we are back to work way before then. There really isn’t much that you can do about this, other than keep a positive attitude. Separation anxiety will be a big player in your return to work, but the key is to stay positive. Trust that you have made the right decisions for yourself and your family. By working, you are giving them the best life that you possibly can.

BeauGen Offers Simple Tips for Going Back to Work After Maternity Leave

Here are some tips on how to make going back to work a little easier:

  • Make yourself feel good - buy some nice new work clothes that will make you feel confident and proud of your appearance.
  • Learn to say no - you have new responsibilities at home now, and cannot take on the extra work that you used to. Within reason, learn to tell colleagues no. Avoid taking work home, rather enjoy the special family time.
  • Have a bedtime - working and being a mom is exhausting. You will still probably be waking up to feed at night as well. Giving yourself, and sticking to, an earlier bedtime each night will help you fight exhaustion and keep a more positive attitude.
  • Take it slow and prepare - freeze some home cooked meals to heat up during your first week back. You will take time to adjust to your new schedule, so give yourself a bit of a break.
  • Send baby to daycare first - sometimes it helps to send your baby to their carer or new daycare a few days before you start work. You give you and your child some extra time to adjust to the new routine and get through the emotions.  That way it isn’t such an emotional shock on your first day back.
  • Enjoy your adult time - pack some nice lunch that you can enjoy in peace, and take note of the fact that you can go to the bathroom alone!

While returning to work will always be in the back of your mind, try and not to worry. Spend your time at home enjoying the bond building between you and your baby, instead of focusing on what is to come. Enjoy the little moments and cherish each day you have together.

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