Imaginative Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Imaginative Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day with the Whole Family!

This Mother’s Day, Make It a Family Affair with These Creative Ways to Play

Gifts are nice, but do you know what makes them nicer? When they come from the members of our family. Mother’s Day gifts don’t always have to be a bouquet of flowers, jewelry, or something tangible. Sometimes it’s time with our loved ones that means the most to us.

This year, we’re giving you six ideas for celebrating Mother’s Day with the entire family, and having a blast without breaking the bank. These ideas are fun, spark your little ones’ imaginations, and teach them about the importance of doing things for other people. 

Creative Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day with the Whole Family!

Do you have a fun family ritual or favorite celebration for Mother’s Day? Let us know in the comments below this post!

Six Imaginative Activities for the Family this Mother’s Day

Put on a show for Mom

Put on a show for Mother's Day with the whole family this year!

Gather your family together and task them with putting on a show for mom. Will it be a play? A musical? A dance? Let their creativity take them as far as they can go with creating a set, crafting costumes, and choreographing their very own work of art. 

Note, a parent’s assistance can help take this production to new heights while also making sure the set is safe for all of the members of your family. 

Create a Family Concert

Put on a concert for mom this Mother's Day

Is your family musically inclined? Do your little ones love to play with musical instruments? A private concert might be the perfect way to celebrate mom. Don’t have musical instruments on hand? Make believing or finding things around your house to turn into musical instruments can light a fire in your children’s imaginations.

Spend the day practicing your solos, making concert flyers and tickets, and pick out something special to wear. Your family concert will be one for the memory books!

Drive in Movie, In Your Driveway

Not all family activities have to be performances. Sometimes taking in someone else’s performance can be just as fun. Put up a bed sheet or use your garage door to host a family movie night. 

Adding a campfire and roasting marshmallows can be a great way to spice up your movie night. Or pop popcorn and let each family member season it with their own flavors. Some will stick with butter. Others love to sprinkle parmesan cheese on top. Get creative and come up with your own toppings!

This could be the start of a new family tradition, or an event to repeat all summer long.

Dine In: Pop-up Restaurant at Home For Your Special Guest!

Do you have a family full of foodies? Restaurants are crowded on Mother’s Day, and if you have little kids it can be tough to find a babysitter. Instead of rushing out, try the new restaurant on the block - yours! Have your kids help you set the table, and pick out what to cook. Take a family trip to the grocery store and teach your kids how to pick out the ingredients.

Then bust out the craft supplies to make your very own menus, decorations, and cards. This will be a day filled with creativity and love. Depending on the age of your kids, you can even give your kids tasks while you cook and have them help serve the dinner.

 Make a Popup Restaurant in Your Home for Mother's Day and Involve the Whole Family!

Host a Gallery Crawl in Your Family Hall

Moms love a good picture or piece of art. Gather up your art supplies and make some new pictures for mom. You can pick a room or a hallway in your house and hang them like an art gallery. Get creative. Maybe there are some new crafts you’d like to try. Or, if your kids draw or paint on a regular basis, try making something three dimensional.

You can also spend some time exploring famous paintings or artists. Then, together you can create your own versions of their works of art in your home. This is especially great if mom has a favorite!

Host a Gallery Crawl in Your Own Home this Mother's Day

After your artwork is displayed, create an invitation for a unique gallery crawl for mom. If you want to take it to the next level, play dress up and add in some family friendly snacks for an evening of art and family.

Take a Trip While Staying Home

Is there a place that your family would really like to visit? Maybe it’s a theme park, or another country? Traveling takes a lot of work, but you can play pretend and make the trip today if you put your minds to it. This is a great opportunity for your family to learn about a new place, the culture, customs, and even the food!

Research the location, create postcards to send from various locations, and learn about them through creative play. 


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