Let’s Talk Lubrication, Baby!

Let's talk about lubrication and your breast pump!

Adding Nipple Cream for Lubrication, Added Relief, and Skin Protection for Pumping Mamas.

Nursing and pumping can be painful. It might be one of the better kept secrets of motherhood.  Often, we aren’t prepared for what comes after childbirth, to the point where postpartum plans are actually becoming a thing now. There is good news, if you experience pain while pumping, you aren’t doomed.There are a few simple ways that you can reduce pain and make peace with your pump.  BeauGen’s innovative cushions are one, adding lubrication to your pump can be a powerful one two punch for pain relief.  

In this post we’ll answer a common question our Mommy Care Team receives, can I use lubrication with the BeauGen Breast Pump Cushions? We’ll also provide information about the product that is recommended by our Mommy Care Team, and where you can get it.  Hint: It’s closer than you might think!

Let’s Talk Lubrication

Aren’t the breast pump cushions designed to reduce friction? Why would I need additional lubrication? 

We’re so glad you asked!  While lubrication is not required for our breast pump cushions to effectively add comfort and customized sizing to your flange fit, many mamas find that adding lubrication to their cushions helps to provide added protection against friction and discomfort while pumping. Firstly, adding a lubricant will further reduce friction. The lubricant allows your skin to slide alongside the breast pump cushion.  The cushion moving with the pump helps to further simulate the suckling of a baby which a breast pump is designed to mimic.

Photo Credit: Chelsea Skaggs, BeauGen Affiliate

Photo Credit: Chelsea Skaggs, BeauGen Affiliate

The second effect of lubrication is to promote healing of your sensitive nipple tissue while preventing further damage. The lubricant serves as an added barrier while pumping, and then over time is absorbed into your skin to help replenish and heal that delicate breast tissue.   Many lubricants are also designed to be used in between pumping or nursing sessions to promote further healing.

Cracked nipples are not only painful but can lead to conditions like thrush. Using a simple and effective solution like adding lubrication to your pumping routine will make a big impact. 

What kind of lubricants should I use? 

Select food-safe lubricants as they will come into contact with your expressed milk.  Coconut oil is a natural lubricant chosen by many pumping mamas.  With its rise in popularity, many moms already have this on hand which makes it an understandable and effective choice.

Coconut oil makes a great lubricant to protect sensitive tissue while breast pumping

Not a fan of coconut oil? You do have other options as well. Our team of moms at BeauGen is here to support all aspects of your lactation journey, so we are now offering an all natural, organic nipple balm that works great as a lubricant for breast pumping and nursing. We’ll provide more information on that project in just a minute.

Will Using a Lubricant Affect My Cushions?

Nope!  Your cushions need to be washed after every use to ensure that they are safe for your breast milk (and later your baby to consume that milk).  This means that if you use a lubricant with your cushions, the soap and warm water will clean that lubricant off of your cushions. After allowing the cushions to air dry as recommended, you’ll be able to feel that the cushions are clean and ready for their next use. Cushions may discolor a little bit or feel a little bit more “worn in” with use, but that’s perfectly normal.

How Do I Clean My Cushions when Adding Lubrication?

You simply follow the same wash and care instructions as if you weren't using any added lubrication. Food safe lubricants will break down and wash away with the mild soap recommended for cleaning your cushions.

So Good, It’s Addictive: Nipple Crack

This little jar of organic nipple butter packs a lot of nourishing protection and healing power.  Free from lanolin, petroleum, dyes, and fragrances, Nipple Crack is safe and effective for moms and babies while nursing or pumping.  

This healing balm contains nourishing and natural ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, and aloe vera.  It can be used on its own, before or after nursing and pumping, and in conjunction with the BeauGen Breast Pump Cushions.

Why use Nipple Crack with breast pump cushions? 

While BeauGen’s Breast Pump Cushions go a long way to relieve the friction caused by the hard plastic flange of a breast pump, some mamas still experience a little bit of discomfort, or need a bit of extra healing. Our team of Mommy Care Experts recommends adding Nipple Crack, to repair and protect your sensitive breast tissue.

Why use lubrication like Nipple Crack with BeauGen's Breast Pump Cushions?

There are many different lubricants and balms available to nursing and pumping moms.  The BeauGen Mommy Care Team has decided to recommend and offer Nipple Crack specifically because it is the best of both worlds.  Yes it is a lubricant but it’s also specially formulated with natural ingredients to soothe, heal, and protect in a way that other balms, creams, and lubricants fall short.

But what will it do to my milk? 

Absolutely nothing!  Just like coconut oil, Nipple Crack is food safe, which means that you can safely use it to protect and heal your skin while pumping or nursing. This product is made from organic ingredients and is free of artificial fragrances, dyes, petroleum, and lanolin. We want to put only the best ingredients on your skin to make sure your milk is safe for your baby.

Will using a lubricant while pumping affect my milk?

Are there other ways that I can use the Nipple Crack?

We warned you that this little jar would become addicting.  Yes, there are so many other ways that you can use the nipple balm.  Because of its moisturizing power and soothing nature, many moms use the balm on other parts of their body.  Chapped lips, cracked cuticles, dry skin? When you have it out, why not? It’s safe and effective, so much so that you might find this little jar replacing other more expensive products in your personal care arsenal.

Have you checked out this addictive, soothing balm yet? Let us know in the comments below if you have any other uses for Nipple Crack. 

Washing Cushions After Using Lubrication

Lubricants are oils, and oils can be tough to wash off. Using mild soap as we recommend might leave your pump parts and cushions feeling like there is a bit of oil left behind. Try this BeauGen Pro Tip! 

Use a little bit of baking soda. Yup! Just sprinkle a little bit onto your pump parts and cushions. Allow it to sit for just a little bit of time in order to soak up the oil. Then wash them off like you usually do. It's that easy!

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