Making it Through The Holidays While Pregnant

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Making it Through the Holidays While Pregnant

We’ll Take the Snuggles and Warm Cozy Sweaters, but Here’s How to Make it Through the Rest of the Holiday Season.

The holiday season brings the joy of family, cozy nights at home, and loads of snuggles. This can be a really joyous time to be pregnant. However, there can be times when being pregnant during the holidays is less than fun. 

In this blog post we’ve put together some tips to help you make the merriest of holidays for your growing family. 

All the Fun Treats and Sweets!

Cookies and Baked Goods

This is the season of treats and sweets! Growing a baby is hard work, and you deserve a nice reward. Enjoy the Christmas cookies, the pretty pies, and all of the goodies. Cookies and baked goods can be a great treat at the end of the day, or something fun to nibble on to help keep the nausea at bay. 

Holiday Meals

But beyond the sugar and spice is everything nice. The holidays are also packed full of savory meals that we crave all year long, pregnant or not. Experts recommend eating a higher number of smaller meals throughout the day - which means we get to enjoy these delicious meals more often!

Many of the flavors this holiday season are packed with nutrients that you and your growing baby need to stay healthy. They also help in the production of breast milk. Check out this post for more specifics.

Curl up and enjoy some warm tea to make the holidays a bit more comfortable during your pregnancy

Warm Teas

If you’re worried about cutting back on the caffeine, herbal teas can be a great replacement for a cup of coffee. Herbal teas have loaded benefits, from the calming of chamomile to lavender lulling you to sleep. Having something warm to sip can help soothe your stomach and can be a tasty treat.

Bone Broth

If you are feeling nauseous and having a hard time eating, sipping on bone broth can help you get the nutrients you need, put something into your stomach, and help you feel better. The good news is that bone broth, which is made by simmering at a low temperature over a long period of time is good for your baby’s growing organs.


While everyone is celebrating with a glass of wine or their favorite drink, you might be craving one yourself. There is a growing list of recipes for baby safe mocktails, and now you can even order your favorites without alcohol! Gruvi, Better Rhodes, and Dry Farms are just a few options!

Nesting and Decorating

Enjoy your nesting phase if you're pregnant during the holidays this year!

Nesting is legit, but during the holidays it can be even more fun than the rest of the year. Start early and take decorating slowly. If you need to move furniture or lift something heavy, involve the family and delegate tasks. Inviting the family not only makes decorating and nesting safer, but it can make this special time even more magical. 

Me Time or Family Time Under the Lights

Christmas lights, candles, this time of year might be darker but twinkling lights make it magical. Slow down and enjoy some time taking in these lights. Grab some comfy clothing, a hot beverage of your choice, maybe a book or a craft project or snuggle with your family. By slowing down and taking time to enjoy these twinkling lights and other glittery decorations, you can enjoy this season a bit more.

Spend some time dreaming of future Christmases with your growing family

Dreaming of Future Christmases with Your New Present

This is another great activity that you can do in the glow of the twinkling lights in the evenings this holiday season. It’s also great to do as you shop, or celebrate, or go through your current family traditions. You might dream up new ideas for your growing family, or get even more excited about including them in your favorite traditions. This creates excitement that can help carry you through the less than great moments during the holidays.

Reading Christmas Stories

If this is your first baby, grabbing your favorite Christmas stories ahead of time can be really exciting. Your growing baby is learning your voice and reading these stories to them can be a great activity. If you already have kiddos, helping them read these stories to your growing baby can be a great activity for the whole family!

Get Comfy 

If you're pregnant this holiday season, find time too relax and get cozy.

Depending on where you are in your pregnancy journey it can get a bit uncomfortable. We’ve pulled together some tips to help you overcome this challenge and make the holidays more comfortable.

Put Your Feet Up

There is a lot to do over the holidays. There’s presents to buy and wrap, people to see, places to go, decorations to put up and that is all on top of your regular mom duties. Take a bit of time to settle into your favorite spot, and put your feet up. This can help to provide comfort but can also give a bit of energy back to you.

Compression Socks

Socks are great, but compression socks are even better! During pregnancy hormones create a lot of changes in your body. Swelling feet is a common condition that many people experience. Compression socks can be beneficial here. Another potential change in pregnancy is that hormones can increase the likelihood of clotting which can put pressure on your veins. Compression socks can help with this as well! So yes, they are cozy, but they also have added health benefits. 

Loose Sweaters

T’is the season for comfortable sweaters and sweater dresses. As your belly grows, tight fitting clothing can feel a bit restrictive. Grab those comfy cozy sweaters and give your baby some room to grow. Some are so comfy that you’ll even want to sleep in them. 

If you're pregnant this holiday season, gift yourself pumping in comfort.

Plan Ahead: Comfort While Pumping

While planning your registry and the products you’ll need for your new baby, it’s important to think about pumping. Not every mom plans on pumping but having one on hand can be a huge helper. One way to make pumping even better is to pair our comfy cushions with your breast pump flanges. You can find a sizing guide here, and shop our cushions here.

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