Milk Baths: Why Do We Love Them So Much?

Milk Baths: Why Do We Love Them So Much?

What is Milk Bath?

If you scroll through Instagram or Pinterest, you are likely to see some mothers and babies dressed or accessorized adorably in what looks like a tub of milk. Milk baths are becoming very popular and for good reasons. Yup, there are a number of reasons why you could and should consider a milk bath for yourself or your baby. 

While a milk bath might look like a tub full of milk, or breast milk, it is generally a combination of water and breast milk. It might actually have less milk than you think. Moms have been swearing by these baths for a while now, but their popularity continues to grow with pediatricians now recommending them.

What is the Point of a Milk Bath?

Breast milk is full of amazing things that help to heal and fortify our bodies. Because it is full of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, breast milk baths can calm itchy skin, heal rashes and scrapes, soothe sore bottoms, clear up acne and eczema and more. 

What is a Milk Bath and What are their Benefits?

So What is the Perfect Ratio?

It can be difficult to give a perfect recipe for a breast milk bath since just about every tub and every mother’s milk is a bit different. However, lactation professionals and pediatricians will tell you to use just enough milk to make the water look cloudy. If you use too much milk, your baby will need to be rinsed off after the bath and that might defeat the point of the bath entirely.   

How to Make a Milk Bath

It can be as easy as adding a bit of milk to a tub full of water. If you have some bags of frozen milk, you can place the bag in the bathtub to thaw out and then simply pour it in. 

Are milk baths just for babies?

Are Milk Baths Just for Babies? 

Not at all! While they are common for babies, more and more moms are taking milk baths to celebrate their breastfeeding journeys. Some moms are even turning these baths into celebratory photoshoots getting dolled up in a beautiful dress and posing in the tub. 

You could even share your baby’s milk bath by joining them! Many moms find bathing with their babies a great way to bond. It can be safer and more interactive as well. 

People will also use goats milk to make a milk bath if they aren’t breastfeeding. You can search for milk baths online and find various recipes, tips, and more.

Getting Creative with Milk Baths

Spicing It Up

Why stop at adding breast milk? Moms have started adding flowers and flower petals into these baths to make them even prettier, and in some cases add additional benefits. 

Photo Ops

Do you have a cute little tub on hand? Some moms have splurged on little barrels or apple picking tubs and taken this little milk bath out of doors for a photo shoot! Flower crowns, suspenders, there are so many little accessories that can be added to make it a thematic photo shoot. These photo ops are a great way for parents and babies to celebrate this beautiful journey together.

Milk Bath Photo Ops

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