New Dad Guide to Getting Some Lovin Post Baby

Rekindle romance
New Dad Guide to Getting Some Lovin Post Baby
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Hey Dads: You have been an important and amazing support for your wife since she gave birth.

She may not say thank you all the time but she appreciates you helping around the house with chores and feedings when she needs a little break. Parenting is challenging and you are important to the team. Unfortunately during this transition into parenthood, some adult alone time is far and few in between. Hey, you have needs too right? So here’s a guide to getting your wife’s juices flowing and some daddy loving again.

Follow closely and don’t skip any steps.

Tell her she is beautiful. 

Your wife has been at home, in her pajamas, barely having enough time to shower or brush her teeth. Feeling beautiful after pushing a watermelon out of her is probably the last thing she is thinking about. But how amazing is it that she brought your precious baby into the world? Your wife is the most beautiful she has ever been since you met her so be sure to tell her!

Send in reinforcements so she can have a break.

You could call in the cavalry of grandmas, in-laws, and babysitters or take the lead in caring for the baby for the day. Your wife deserves some pampering time, a spa day, or a girls night out where she does not need to worry about anything but enjoying herself. This will do wonders for her self-esteem and sanity.

Invest in some breast pump cushions.

She’s been nursing and pumping around the clock to feed wonderful baby her breast milk. Her nipples are sore AF. If you ever want to be to touch them again, get her a pair of breast pump cushions so she can at least pump in comfort.

Remind her about the slutty pump rule.

Did you know that after sex, the woman’s body releases a special hormone that promotes an increase in milk production? Hence after a nice big O, a woman can pump more breast milk than usual. It’s true! Tell her that!

Don’t wait until the end of the day.

By the time the baby is asleep and chores are done, both you and her will probably be exhausted. Try to sneak some adult time when the baby is taking a nap during the day. Good thing about newborns is that their sense of hearing is not quite developed so you don’t need to be too concerned about making too much noise.

I hope this has given you some hope to bring the romance back post baby. It’s always a work in progress but your wife will definitely appreciate your efforts.

Good luck!

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