Self Care is an Important Part of Parenting

Self Care is an Important Part of Parenting

It’s Not Selfish To Take Time for Yourself

Self Care is an Important Part of Parenting

Author: Guest Post by Amanda Abramson, Social Media Manager, Ora's Amazing Herbal

Motherhood is tough. It is the most beautiful part of my life, but it can also be overwhelming and isolating. That is why it is important to regularly carve out time for yourself in order to feel re-energized and restored. Here are my favorite self care tips to help you stay sane amidst the baby chaos.

Be Kind to Yourself

Even now while my kiddos are older, it is so easy to get wrapped up in the idea of being the “perfect” mom. I see moms on social media and blogs and automatically think, Am I doing enough? Am I a good mom? Full stop. If your kids are fed and loved, you’re doing great. 

Take a moment and remind yourself of all of the positives, especially when negative self-talk creeps in. I like to stop and ask myself, would I say this to a friend in a similar situation? Usually, the answer is no and I focus on cutting myself a break. Show yourself some compassion and love.


Self Care is an Important Part of Parenting | BeauGen

Find a Self Care Anchor Point 

Each of us has a different activity that brings us a bit of peace. Choose what works for you and stick to it, daily or weekly depending on the activity. Carving out some “me time” as a mom is so important for your mental health. Here are a few that I  love: 

Paint your nails
Read a book
Move your body
Grab a cup of coffee with your mom or a friend
Cook a meal or bake for fun 

Don’t Skip your Hygiene Routine

It’s so tempting to do dishes and clean the house while the baby naps. The dishes can wait a minute. Take a minute to focus on yourself! I’m not saying you need a full face of makeup, but you should still be taking care of yourself. Hormones after pregnancy and while breastfeeding and breast pumping can cause added sweat and odors. I love using Ora’s Amazing Herbal Squeaky Clean on both my face and armpits. It’s important to be cautious about chemicals that are getting in contact with your skin while you are breastfeeding and pregnant. All of Ora’s Amazing Herbal products are free of Parabens, Phthalates, Talc, Lanolin, Dyes, Gluten, Synthetic Fragrances, Preservatives. Showering, brushing your teeth, and changing your clothes are small tasks that can make you feel fresh and ready to handle your day.

Self Care is an Important Part of Parenting

Pamper Yourself

Treating yourself can be good for your mental health! When I was breastfeeding, my go-to was a face mask and Lightweight Daily Nourish Face Oil. My whole skin care routine was only 3 minutes, and it made me feel calmer and more centered. 

Self Care is an Important Part of Parenting

My other favorite treat was Ora’s Amazing Herbal’s  New Mama Gift Box, which is filled with self-care essentials for baby and you including herbal infused salves, body butter, delicious postpartum tea, and lip balms. It is a great gift for yourself or mama friend!

Self Care is an Important Part of Parenting

If you have more than 3 minutes to yourself, make a cup of tea and run a hot bath. You may not be able to go to the spa right this moment, but you can have a luxurious night at home.

If you’re like me, your baby will wake up halfway through your “me time” on occasion. 

Don’t worry, Ora’s Amazing Herbal products are made with natural ingredients. It’s made me less stressed about breastfeeding while wearing a face mask in the middle of the night (true story). 

Be social. 

I know this one is tough with a new baby. Early motherhood is emotionally draining. Emotional connection can improve a mama’s mental health. Use sites like Meetup or Facebook to find local mom groups in your area. They often have playdates at parks, the public library, or other low-cost, kid-friendly locations, which takes some of the pressure off. 

If you’re not up for going out, invite a close friend, your mom, or a coworker over for tea or coffee. Motherhood feels less challenging when you have someone to discuss your experiences with- or laugh with about the fact you’ve had to change 5 outfits from spit-up today. 

Bonus: If it’s someone you trust with your kiddo, they may even offer to hold the baby so you can take a bath or shower - alone! 

Set Small Self Care Goals

Leaving the world of deadlines and work routines can also leave us in a self-care slump. By setting small, attainable goals (and hopefully crushing them!), you can get a little pick me up and keep your groove going. Missed one today? That’s okay. The world keeps turning and you can try again tomorrow. Here are a few daily goals that I love: 

Drink your recommended oz of water
Eat 5 fruits & veggies
Get 10 minutes of sunshine
Write down 5 things you’re grateful for
Journal for 5 minutes
Put on CLEAN sweat pants
Intentionally snuggle your baby for a feeding session, phone free

Ask for help

This is the toughest and most important self-care of all. If you have a partner, set up a plan for you to get some alone time. If you don’t, family and friends are usually happy to babysit if you ask. 

Not comfortable leaving the baby yet? That’s okay too. Ask someone to come over and watch your bundle of joy while you shower and finish some things at home. A mother’s helper or postpartum doula are great options for someone outside your family.

Do not be afraid to ask for what you need. It’s beneficial to take breaks for yourself before motherhood feels overwhelming. 

It’s okay to find a professional to talk to.  Prone to depression and anxiety? (Heck yes, I’m going there and speaking from experience.) Find a therapist to talk to. Feeling blue? Therapist. Overwhelmed? Therapist. Angry and you don’t know why? Therapist. Are you noticing a pattern? Having someone to talk to that is not directly in the situation can be so beneficial. Motherhood is a huge change. Speak up when you need help. Make your health and well-being a priority for yourself and for your family. 

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