Sore Breasts After Exclusive Pumping

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Sore Breasts After Exclusive Pumping

Moms are superheroes. Being a superhero is a lot of hard work, and you’re bound to get some bumps and bruises along the way. Exclusive pumping moms are most definitely working hard and many are feeling the pain. Do you have sore breasts after exclusive pumping? Do your breasts hurt while pumping? You aren’t alone. And you most definitely are not stuck muddling through the pain.

Exclusive Pumping and Breast Pain

Some people harbor the belief that exclusive pumping is not possible, or that it’s not sustainable. These people believe that our bodies were not made to be able to handle pumping this much and that there is bound to be pain. BeauGen is working to dispel these beliefs and help moms make peace with their pumps, whether they pump a little or exclusively. 

Pain from exclusive pumping: what are the causes?

Pain Is a Signal

Exclusive pumping success depends on your body, your ability to listen to your body, and your ability to make adjustments as you pump. Pain is one way our bodies tell us that something is wrong. Nipple pain might mean that your alignment inside the tunnel of the breast pump flange is wrong. Pain through your nipple into your breast tissue might mean that your pump’s suction is too strong. 

There are a number of different reasons that an exclusive pumping mom might feel pain before, during, or after a pumping session. It’s important to find a lactation professional who is experienced with exclusive pumping to help you identify the signal your body is sending you, and to make the adjustments your body needs.

How to work through pain after exclusive pumping.

Remember Your Why

Parenting is hard. We have our great days when we feel like we’re keeping all of the balls up in the air. And the next day we might feel like a failure. Remembering the reason you are exclusively pumping can help you keep going. You are working so hard to give your baby the very best start in life and that is a beautiful thing. Look at your baby, photos or videos of your baby when you are tired, in pain, or doubting whether you can keep going. It’s amazing the inspiration you find. 

Exclusive Pumpers Have Different Needs

You are pumping a lot more than other moms who might be supplementing, keeping up their supply, or troubleshooting a clog. You will need to replace your pump parts more frequently. Valves, ducts, tubing, even your breast pump cushions will wear out faster than other pumpers.

In addition to taking care of your pump and its parts, you need to take care of yourself. Using a lubricant can make a world of difference for your sensitive skin. There are food safe lubricants that you can use before, during, and after pumping sessions. BeauGen moms are a big fan of coconut oil. It’s simple, often organic, and doesn’t break the bank.

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