Spooky Thoughts Parents Have

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Spooky Thoughts Parents Have

They’re Worse Than the Boogie Man

Parenting has its ups and downs. Some thoughts are terrifying, others bring joy, and some are just spooky. We’re taking a lighthearted look at some of these often spooky, sometimes silly thoughts we parents have.

Spooky Thoughts Parents Have: Happy Halloween from BeauGen

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Accidents happen. Blowouts are particularly inconvenient accidents. And it always seems like they happen at the worst of times, like when you don’t have another change of clothes, spare diaper, or pack of wipes.

Ex: One of our team members recently regaled us with a tale so spooky we almost can’t even type it. Her baby had a blowout waiting in line in…airport security!

The Sound of Silence

Silence is one of those things that can mean different things to different people. Before kids, silence is golden. However after you have kids, especially around that toddler age, silence can be terrifying. Silence is literally the sound of destruction and chaos.

What a toddler can do in a span of just a few unsupervised minutes...in sheer silence, is unbelievable.

Some Spooky Thoughts Parents Have: Happy Halloween


Probably the spookiest thought that pops into parents heads way too often is that our kids are growing up way too fast. Yes these moments can be tough, but when you compare it to the overarching timeline of the rest of their lives, they’re fleeting. Sometimes it feels like kids grow up faster than a witch can cast a spell, or a ghost can disappear.

Don’t Show Fear

When it comes to getting your kids to do something they don’t want to do, it can become a frightening thought! But the minute you show fear, kids can sense it! Whether it’s the end of the bedtime routine or getting your kids to eat their veggies, don’t show fear!

Bad Words

Sometimes you can’t help but let a bad word slip out of your mouth, and when you do, you hope your kids aren’t around to hear it. 

Ex: Recently this author dropped the big ol’ “f bomb” in front of my two year old and for the rest of the car ride he tried to mimic me. To make it even worse, it was actually cute! He can’t say his “f”s so it came out “oh huck!”.

Spooky Thoughts Parents Have: Happy Halloween from BeauGen

Kids Actual Fears

Halloween is a really fun time of year, but when you’re little and experiencing things for the first time, it can be really spooky. The thought of our kids being afraid of anything is like a punch in the gut. We want to instantly take away that fear and make things better. 

Ex: Our two year old is learning about halloween. During the day he loved this felt decoration of a purple “man” (cartoon vampire). The moment he saw it with the lights turned off it was terrifying!

Spooky Thoughts Parents Have

Making a Costume

Now, this can be a lot of fun. But, sometimes your kids come out of left field with their requests. In 2019 one little kid broke the internet when he requested that he be a pair of pants for halloween. Mom was to be a “big shirt” and dad, a “purple hat”. Luckily, mom and dad nailed it!. 

Add to Resume: Monster Hunter

When you had your baby shower or announced that you were pregnant, people generally had a lot to say.  No one told you though that you were also on your way to become a monster hunter a la the likes of a Van Helsing. 

 We're sure to have missed some good ones. Share your spooky thoughts below in the comments and we'll update this post!

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