Summer Bod: Healthy Sweet Substitutes For a Breastfeeding Mom

Summer Bod:  Healthy Sweet Substitutes For a Breastfeeding Mom
With the summertime just around the corner, we are all trying to be more mindful of our diet for the warmer weather.  Pastries, cakes, and candy are always tempting and hard to avoid when our body is needing more calories to breastfeed. As a busy mom with a newborn baby, sometimes you just want a quick and easy pick-me-up and chocolate always does the trick!

However as a breastfeeding mom, it is important we get all the proper nutrients to keep building that milk supply and to stay properly fueled. Making milk is exhausting and drains hundreds of calories and and nutrients from our body. So instead of being tempted by the bad stuff, why not find a healthier substitute to satiate our sweet tooth. Here are some great sweet snack substitutes that can help you curb and manage through the sweet cravings.

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Fresh fruit

It is all natural and delicious. You can even prepare some sliced apples, pears, oranges and berries in your refrigerator ready to snack on when you start to feel a craving. The vitamins and natural sugars will replenish your body with vitamins and nutrients that will help you build your breast milk supply.

Yogurt Parfait

Need something more filling? You can layer your low fat Greek yogurt of your choice with granola and fresh fruit. This is a wonderful dessert or in between meal-time snack option. The beauty is you can include whichever fresh healthy toppings you like best. The natural sweetness of the yogurt will curve your craving for candy while also providing added calcium, promoting a healthy gut, and boosting your immune system.

Dark Chocolate

With less milk and sugar in dark chocolate, you can reduce the amount of unnecessary calories consumed yet still get the satisfaction of the deep chocolate taste. If you have a choice, go for this healthier guilty pleasure.


The best part is, you can make so many tasty varieties of smoothies using a combination of flavors you love. Instead of a milkshake or ice cream, you can create a vitamin packed smoothie filled with fresh fruits and vegetables to satisfy that craving. Naturally sweet vegetables like carrots, rhubarb, and celery can be included with your favorite fruits to make a great combination of a healthy and delicious treat.

We all know that totally avoiding sweets is nearly impossible, so it is always best to try and find healthy substitutes when possible. An occasional donut snack is still ok as long as you are providing yourself enough nutrients to keep up with the baby feedings. As your body is constantly working to produce milk and draining your body of nutrients, it is important to stay fueled with vitamins to keep you strong. After all, you want to have plenty of energy to keep up with your baby.

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