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BeauGen Blog Post: Take the Photo

What if we told you that there was a magical gift that didn’t cost a penny. In fact, it would only cost a moment of your time, and a bit of thoughtfulness. We’re not talking about making a macaroni ornament or coloring a picture. This Christmas, and all the year through, all you need to do is, take the picture.

Mom doesn’t need expensive gifts. The best gifts we could ever receive, we’ve already been given: our family. Rather than wrack your brain this year for a gift, read this blog post and learn how you can capture the magic of motherhood and give her something she’ll treasure forever.

We don’t even want Cushions for Christmas…

The internet jokes that our phones are full of photos and videos of our babies, because it's true. They joke about the photos we take of our partners and the limited and blurry photos we have taken of ourselves, because it's true. Let's change that.

What’s In a Photo?

Life moves fast. No one knows this better than a mom. Everyday she wakes up she finds herself wondering when did her kids get so big? Where did the time go? How did she miss this? So often we wish we could freeze this moment in time. We pine to go back and relive the precious little moments that were so fleeting. 

With a photo you can almost fulfill that wish for her. The best photos are the ones that we don’t even know are being taken. The photos that capture seemingly everyday moments that one day we will miss. It’s the moments and the love that make us moms, that embody our love for our family.

BeauGen Blog Post: Moms Want You to Take the Photo

Why We Need You To Take the Picture

Our Hands are Full

Moms quite literally spend most of their time with their hands full. They are either holding their children, wrangling laundry, scrubbing the dishes or their breast pump parts, or cleaning the house. 

Our Arms Aren’t Long Enough

This one seems like a joke but it’s true, a selfie just doesn’t cut it. Half the time literally half of a person is cut out of the frame. None of the angles can capture the full moment or everything we want to freeze in time. And there’s something about a selfie, or a photo that we took of ourselves that isn’t as sweet. 

Moms really want you to take the photo

What Types of Photos Do We Love? 


Nursing and pumping might not sound glamorous, and honestly if you want my opinion it’s not. What it is, is a labor of love. It’s blood, sweat, tears, and liquid gold. But these moments are motherhood embodied. One day soon we’ll be cooking meals instead of snuggling up together for moments like these. And while we might not love them at the time, we’ll miss these moments for sure. 

Hugs and Kisses

These sweet little moments are our absolute favorite. The little baby nuzzles and snuggles, the toddler cuddle sessions, we try to soak up every minute of them. But these moments, no matter how present we try to be won’t last. Having photos to look back on is such a treasured gift. 

Moms want you to take all of the photos and help us freeze these moments in time.

The Messy Moments

You know those times when our hair is a mess, we’re sporting some kind of stain on our clothes, and you think we might throw something at you if you captured it in a photo? Yea, we want those too. We want to look back on the good, the messy, the stressful, because that’s what motherhood is.

So if there’s ever a time when you question, would she want to remember this? Take the photo.

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