Things to Do Around the House for Mom and Baby

Things to Do Around the House for Mom and Baby

Stuck at Home? There’s plenty of creative ways to keep your baby engaged and entertained!

Leaving the house with a little one can be a bit risky.  Doctors and health experts recommend not leaving your home with your baby until they’re vaccinated.  Even after they’ve received their vaccinations, leaving the house can be arduous. There’s the diaper bag to pack, feedings to schedule around, and then there’s keeping baby occupied while you’re out and about. 

But, spending a long stretch of time cooped up in your home can be challenging.  

BeauGen is here to help!  

We’ve put together a list of fun activities that can keep both you and your baby entertained, while safely inside your house or in your yard. 


Bath time with Baby

Baths aren’t only for bedtime.  Grab some cups, some floating toys, even a colored washcloth and cup, and get ready for some good old fashioned fun.  Babies love baths, and playing in the tub can be an extra special experience. Young babies love to watch water pour, and feel it splash on their bellies, while older babies can engage more actively in the play themselves.  Baths are extra helpful if your baby is having a fussy day.   


Babies and bubbles

Whether you have a bottle of bubbles or you need to make your own, blowing bubbles with your little one is oodles of fun.  Watching and reaching for bubbles not only help to increase your baby’s coordination and motor skills, but watching them float and pop is highly entertaining.  Prepare yourself for some baby giggles! Need to make your own bubbles? Check out this tutorial here.

Music and Dancing:

Things to Do Around the House for Mom and Baby – BeauGen Mom

Sick of the lullabies and baby music from your child’s toys? Pick some of your favorite music, and play it in a comfortable space for you and your baby.  Babies love to observe the world around them. Watching you dance is exciting and encourages them to move their arms and legs. For even more fun, pick up your baby and have them join you in the dance party.


Things to Do Around the House for Mom and Baby – BeauGen Mom

This one might be more of a pastime for moms, but it’s an important one for mom and baby.  Journaling not only has a beneficial impact on mom’s mental health, but it’s a great way for capturing memories.  Give yourself and your child something to look back on years from now while safeguarding your mental health today.  You can sneak some time to journal while Baby naps, or while they play.

Magnet Boards: 

Grab a cookie sheet and some colorful magnets.  Whether you have the popular letter magnets, or just some brightly colored magnets on the fridge, this activity can entertain for hours.  Plop your baby in a safe space and set a cookie sheet in front of them. Demonstrate how to put the magnets onto the sheet, how to move them around, and if they’re old enough, how to take them off.  Then your baby is free to create scenes and scapes over and over again. 

Obstacle Course:

Things to Do Around the House for Mom and Baby

If your baby is beginning to move around and explore their world, creating an obstacle course is a great way to exercise and entertain them.  Grab some of their toys, a stool, pillows, and play mats. Then arrange them in their room, your living room, or another area where they can move around.  This creates lots of exciting moments for cheering and celebrating. When your baby has mastered the course, you can switch it up to make the activity new again!

Mommy and Me Exercise: 

Moms and babies both need physical movement.  Exercising with your baby nearby allows you to get the gentle exercise that you need while still engaging with your baby.  Roll out your mat or find a place that is safe for you and baby.  Place them where they can see your face.  Exercises like yoga are great for this!

Once mom gets a bit of exercise, then it's Baby's turn.  From gentle massage, to moving their arms and legs, to gently rolling them on their side, babies love to engage with their moms, dads, and siblings in combination with physical stimulation.  Not only does it help with their development but it encourages them to engage with the world around them.

Baby and me yoga


Babies love to watch colors expand and fill the space around them.  If you have a place where you can stand a bit of a mess, painting can be a great way to entertain your baby.  Strip baby down to his or her diaper, lay some paper or cardboard out in front of them (taping it in place can help make this activity more engaging).  You can help give your baby a start by squirting a few dollops of paint onto the ‘canvas’. If you can’t stand the mess, putting a bit of paint in a sealable plastic bag can be a mess-free alternative.  

Sensory Bag or Board:

There’s a good chance you have some large plastic storage bags or containers on hand in a drawer or cabinet.  While you might typically use them for food storage, now you can give them a new lease on life as a sensory activity for your baby.  Take the bag, bin, or jar and fill it with a bit of water. Then find some bits and baubles to put in the bag. Add some glitter or other craft supplies to spice it up a bit.  Then tape the edges shut. If you’re using a plastic bag, you can also help your little one by taping the edges down to the floor or table to help them play. Pinterest has a large number of tutorials for sensory play!

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