Why are BeauGen Breast Pump Cushions Sticky?

Why are BeauGen Breast Pump Cushions Sticky?

Are They Supposed To Be Sticky?!

Why are BeauGen Breast Pump Cushions Sticky?

When some moms remove BeauGen Breast Pump Cushions from the package, one of the first things they notice is the unique texture of the cushion material. Have you ever wondered why our cushions are sticky? In this blog, BeauGen Founder & CEO, Tu-Hien Le, gives insight on the importance of the “stickiness” of BeauGen Breast Pump Cushions. Simply continue reading or watch the short video below for more information.

Tu-Hien Le, BeauGen Founder and CEO, answers a sticky question

Why Do BeauGen Cushions Feel Sticky or Tacky?

BeauGen Breast Pump Cushions are sticky for a reason. The sticky or tacky material is designed to gently adhere to your skin to protect it against the friction caused by the breast pump’s flange. Think of the cushion as a pillowy, soft barrier between your sensitive breast tissue and the hard plastic flange. 

Because the cushion adheres to your skin to create a protective layer, the cushion is absorbing the brunt of the friction caused by pumping, not your breast tissue and nipple. Less friction means more comfort.

Will the Sticky Feeling Go Away?

Many moms wonder if the sticky feeling will continue after washing. Yes, it will and that’s how the material is supposed to work! It is perfectly normal for our breast pump cushions to feel sticky, tacky, or greasy after use. When the innovative material sticks to your skin, it protects your skin and makes pumping more comfortable. 

If you find that the cushions are sticking to your skin to the point where it causes discomfort, we recommend using a lubricant, like coconut oil, to increase comfort.

If you have any further questions about the cushion’s material, please email our Mommy Care Team at pumping@beaugen.com. We’re always here to help!

Training Your Cushions Might Help

Stretching or training the stretchy material makes it even softer and helps it move with your nipple during pumping sessions. To learn more about stretching or training your cushions, check out this blog article to learn more.  

Are you pumped for BeauGen and ready to try breast pump cushions for yourself?  Check out our online store to start pumping in comfort.

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